To really know Dan and Dave you have to know who inspired them, who taught them the basics, and who opened their eyes to world of Cardistry. Sure they could talk about Marlo, Ricky Smith, Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher, but those would just be a bunch of names to anyone outside of magic. Even if they were to drop some heavy hitters like Joey Burton and Brian Tudor, those names aren't going to mean squat to any of you. That is what makes their world so interesting, its a world so tight knit and secret that even the biggest names are still unknown to most of us. We hope to change that with our collaboration with Dan and Dave. May they be your rosetta stone to the world of Cardistry, and maybe one day, years from now you'll look back and remember that it was this introduction that changed your life.

Here at HMNIM, we like to ask our collaborators for a list of "essentials", you know the things you can't live without, or maybe just the things that make you, well, you. Here is a peak inside Dan and Dave's heads.

Playing Cards:

DAN: Almost twenty years have passed since I first picked up a deck of cards. The ONE day I left home without one in my pocket I nearly went into a panic. Thankfully, even Disneyland sells playing cards. Everything was okay.

DAVE: I can only remember a few times I’ve been without a deck. And yea, it doesn’t even matter if it’s at a place like Disney, it’s the fact that they have become as much apart of us as breathing. It’s so natural now. I don’t even think about it. I just always have them. And if I do forget, my wife keeps a spare in her purse – for emergency you could say.

DAN: Playing cards allow us to be creative whenever and wherever, and also step away from everything else and just focus on what we love, card tricks and flourishes.


DAN: Coffee is one of many other obsessions we share. We share the same DNA, so what do you expect?

DAVE: We grew up drinking coffee. Our grandmother introduced us to coffee with cream and sugar when we were only 4 years old. Thanks to her, we’ve been drinking it ever since.

DAN: No more cream and sugar though. 

DAVE: Yes, we’ve grown up. Haha

DAN: We take the coffee seriously now and seek out the best-roasted beans and use manual techniques to brew fresh ground coffee every morning.

DAVE: Chemex is my preferred method for brewing coffee. It’s iconic in design and brews a great cup of coffee too.

DAN: And it’s probably not surprising that I have a deck of cards in my hand while making my coffee.

Best Made Axe: 

DAN: Should there ever be a zombie apocalypse, I am ready!

DAVE: I will watch.


DAN: I love my Air. It’s awesome. It gives me the freedom to take my work wherever. Today, I’m working inside the beautiful new library in downtown San Diego.

DAVE: And while Dan is an SD, I’m at my favorite café in DTLA, the Daily Dose. And when we travel, our business is as close to us as back home.

DAN: If it weren’t for the influence Apple has had on our own work, as a business, marketers, developers, designers and producers, we wouldn’t be here writing these questions.

DAN: I wasn't born a workaholic. I blame Apple, haha.

DAVE: They make it fun, so I guess it’s more of a habit then work. Plus, we love what we do. 

DAN: I use my iPhone more for social marketing than actual phone calls. Talking is so 90s anyway. Hello Twitter!

DAVE: Speaking of… my phone skills are getting better. I have this new flourish where the phone spins around 540 degrees while simultaneously flipping over. I never got into games, even Candy Crush, thankfully – the hours I’ve seen Dan waste away on that… haha

DAN: Don’t knock it till you try it.

Pocket knife:

DAN: Not just any pocket knife, a Buck Knife. It goes with the last name I suppose. I must admit, this is a rather new addition to my pocket space but let me tell you, I don't know how I lived without it. It’s strange how that works. 

DAVE: I think my first knife was a Buck Knife. I’ve had several throughout the years – some of them responsible for a few scars too. Not on me of course…just kidding.  I don’t usually lose things, so I’ll just say that for some reason, they get away from me.

Backpack full of stuff: 

DAVE: I never grew out of a backpack. If I ever have a briefcase, it’ll be full of money for some top-secret art purchase that goes down on a private jet in which I parachute out of to avoid being followed. Anyway, backpacks are so convenient and awesome. Among many things I keep inside are my camera, a small tripod, extra playing cards, my Air, magic stuff, which I’m not allowed to talk anymore about, a Cliff Bar that’s probably a year expired, even though they never expire, but it’s nice knowing I have something to munch on if I find myself waiting to be rescued, a notebook and pen that more often

DAN: Sounds like Colie needs a bigger purse.