Blink 182's Mark Hoppus


Where to start. We begin our feature of hmnim friends with our very own, mark hoppus. After all, isn't it hi my name is mark? With that said, allow us to introduce, if any introduction is needed at all, mark. A native of Southern California (and not the sexy part), Mark picked up a bass guitar when he was 15 and hasn't slowed down since. One third of the infamous trio, blink-182, Mark has written and produced some of your (and our!) favorite songs over the past 20 years. From The Descendents to The Cure to The Beatles, this guy knows and loves his music. Along the way, he's picked up quite a sense for fashion and function. In 2012, Mark, along with many of his friends, created the hi my name is mark brand to offer great, quality clothing and other essential items. He makes what he wears, he loves what he makes. Along with the many accolades this guy has been credited with, he now can add "brand owner ambassador guy" to his CV. Meet mark hoppusREAD FULL INTERVIEW



Amanda Visell grew up with a crazy love for vintage Disney. Mousketeers, war era cartoons, a different time. She spent her teens in the pacific northwest during the riot grrl music movement and was captivated by the large community of independent artists and their overall message of equality.  She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in visual development for animation, eventually becoming a designer and sculptor on stop motion segments for shows like The Simpsons and the feature film Elf. Her career took a sharp turn when she started showing her paintings publicly. Meet amanda visell. READ FULL INTERVIEW




What Dan and Dave do can only be compared to maybe skateboarding. The amount of time and dedication to learning a single flourish is unfathomable to the normal average person off the street. Hours, days, weeks spent in the pursuit of a single trick, and that is to do it one time perfectly...maybe. To do it consistently every time? may take years. You take that sort of mind set, thats driven in the pursuit of cardistry and magic, and redirect it to design, and you get the hands down leaders in their field. Dan and Dave have built their reputation on their skills and their ability to create wonderful pieces of fine art disguised as playing cards. Meet dan and daveREAD FULL INTERVIEW




They say if you are going to work with the world's best artist then you have to pick Michelangelo or Leonardo or one of the other Ninja Turtles, but if you are going to pick one artist to draw you a skateboard then there is only one. Sean Cliver. Sean, like the other ninja turtles is a true Renaissance man. Having worked not only in the art world, but also as the editor of Big Brother Magazine, and as a movie and tv producer for a couple of shows you probably saw, Jackass? anyone of you ever see those? Yeah, he's been a part of your life and you probably never knew it, well now's the time, meet sean cliverSEE FULL INTERVIEW




How did we get involved with such a talented artist like Rich? Serendipity would be the best guess. A chance encounter at an art show put Rich directly in our path. But we feel that no matter what we would have met Rich eventually. A talent like that does not go unnoticed. Rich is an award winning British artist, with more than just art on his mind. Having formed "Art is the Cure" in 2008 as a means to spread the idea of how art can do so much more than make a wall look pretty. Rich's talent goes beyond the canvas or the street, what you are seeing it the beginning of someone great. Meet rich simmonsSEE FULL INTERVIEW




We've been gushing over Mike for a while, a real live man crush. You only have to look at him to know that he is a walking, talking, real life version of Ron Swanson. But instead of an axe, Mike wields a paint brush. Mike recently moved to Austin, Texas to be closer to the world's greatest donut maker Gourdoughs. As that is clearly not true, and is just a vain attempt to get Gourdoughs to send us free donuts.  Fact is, no one knows why Mike moved to Austin. Scholars believe that Mike is a space bandit sent back in time to show us what love really is, and what a bird would look like if it weighed as much as a house cat. Meet mike mitchellSEE FULL INTERVIEW