As a kid, Mike Guerrero's imagination was fed by comic books, monster mags, cartoons, and TV programs from another generation. Today, his creative influences and inspirations are quite broad. Most are firmly rooted in the art, advertising, design, and culture of the mid 20th century. He holds the work of lesser-known and anonymous artists, illustrators, and animators of that era just as high as those more well-known. Mike does not consider his work "retro". Rather, his work is the continuing evolution of a personal vision funneled through the pop culture of a bygone era.  He has shown and exhibited original art in various shows and his work has been featured on album covers, t-shirts, show posters and much to his joy as a longtime skateboarder, skateboard decks. He is currently working on new art and projects. Mike Guerrero lives, works, and skates with his friends and family in Austin, TX.

There are things in life that you can't live without...oxygen, food, water, internet, you know, the very basic essentials for life. Everyone's list is different as to what they deem as essential, but everyone has a list. Much like Batman's utility belt or a Swiss Army knife, there are a handful of things in this world that we must have with us, to get us in, or out, of a tough jam. So we've asked our friends for a list of items that would make their list. The items that make them who they are. For Mike, these items are...

Winsor & Newton Black Indian ink & Winsor & Newton Series 7 #3 brush

My favorite ink. Goes down smooth and opaque and is the blackest black I've found. The series 7 #3 brush is pricey but is my favorite for line work with both ink and gouache. This one is kind of old and a little chewed up but it's still working for me.

Turner Design and Acryl Gouache

When I first started to do gouache work, I experimented with several different brands until I found this stuff. Then I looked no further. It thins nicely and lays down smooth. The colors are true and bright.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

These things are great. The pointy tip is nice and springy and never loses its shape. The ink flows smooth and consistent. I always have one within reach. They are my go to for sketching out ideas. I've even used it for a few finished drawings as well as a cool dry brush effect as the ink runs out.


Music is essential. I listen to music when I'm working, driving, showering, etc. I listen to a lot of different stuff. The medium doesn't matter much to me these days. I love the look, feel and sound of records but I find myself listening to music through my computer or my phone more often than not. Especially when I'm working. When I'm in the mood to spin records, I'll set aside some time just to do that. Throughout my life, music has helped me along the way and introduced me to new philosophies, thoughts, and ideas.

My skateboard

Much like music, skateboarding introduced me to new ideas, art, music, new ways of looking at things and provided another means of self-expression. And it continues to. It helps keep me balanced. I've skated for a large chunk of my life and still skate on a regular basis with with my friends and family. It makes me happy to be able say that.

-Mike Guerrero