This is where I do all of my work, from sketch to finish. I've had it for about 4 years now and I absolutely love it. It's my most expensive piece of equipment, but it's also an essential part of what I do. I would be so unhappy without it.  






Music is such a big part of my life. If I'm working/driving/relaxing, chances are I'm listening to music. I'm listening to music as I write this! I also like a good pair of headphones so I can block out everything and focus on the task at hand.  






I probably use this too much, but it's only because it's one of mankind's greatest inventions. I take reference shots, jot down ideas, reply to e-mails, post stupid thoughts onto twitter, and annoyingly fact check my friends. It's great!






I love playing video games, and I play most of them on my PC, which is also where I spend a lot of my day working. I love being able to take the 3DS somewhere more relaxing. Also great for traveling. Highly recommended!






I have two keychains, one with the bare essentials, and then there is this monstrosity which has a flashlight (lego), a pencil sharpener, a multitool (screwdrivers and such), a bottle opener, and a Raphael minifig to let people know where my allegiance lies. I have used everything on it many, many times.





Because I must.







I always try and keep Sharpies with me. They are great for quick doodles, and drawing penises on things where penises don't belong. Cheap and reliable.






I was given this as a gift, and I thought "why not, I'll try it out" and little did I know it would change my life. Did you know if you keep it full of pencils and pens, you'll always know where to find them? It's crazy! I keep a variety in mine because I never know what I'll need at the drop of a hat.