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      Behind every great music video, there are just people standing around doing nothing, and behind those people there's usually someone with a camera taking pictures. These are those pictures. Prepare yourself to go behind the scenes of BLINK-182's Edging video where all your questions will be answered. Are rabbits real? scroll through the photos to find out. 



       Mike did what most would think is easy, and for those that have tried, know to be almost humanly impossible. Mike wrote a book. Writing, from a distance looks like fun, looks easy, but until you sit down day after day, then months, and before you know it, years to complete. Until you try you won't understand the struggle and perseverance this took. Congrats Mike we look forward to reading all your hard work  HEY SUBURBIA: A guide to the emo/pop punk rise

      How long did it take to write the book?
      The book has been a passion project of mine for years, and took many different versions and re-writes before it became a coffee table book. I used to work as a copy editor, and web producer for Hearst/ Houston Chronicle. I also wrote for sports and features, and began to cover the "pop-punk scene" and events like X-Games and Warped Tour. Throughout that time I was able to meet and interview some of my heroes like blink-182, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Descendents, Taking Back Sunday, and so many others. I had all these interviews and stories I've done with these bands, I thought I could piece them all together and tell the story of the emo and pop-punk boom from its punk rock roots to current scene. "Hey Suburbia" tells the story of the scene, and also includes essential album lists, testimonials, and other interactive guides. The book also dives into the cultural aspects, and part of that was fashion, so it was really cool to include Dylan Anderson (HMNIM brand manager)  and the story of Atticus, because back in the day my wardrobe consisted of Atticus, Macbeth, band T-shirts, etc. I wish I still had all those old items to this day, as my collection has dwindled through the years from outgrowing, selling, donating, losing etc. 
      Is it the dream to be an Author? 
      After working in professional journalism for years, writing a book always felt like the next logical step. Before this book, I've written  3 books on unexplained phenomena, the latest "Punk rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction," which is about trying to normalize paranormal occurrences to real-life sightings, religion, mythology, science and pop-culture. I continue that work on punkrockandufos.com. I also wrote a young adult horror fiction novel "Pumpkin Spice and Nothing Nice."
      Favorite book? author?
      This is tough. Growing up I loved horror fiction like R.L. Stine, and Stephen King, but I also loved comics and books about UFOs. "Communion" by Whitley Strieber was the first UFO book that really blew my mind.
      Do you write full time or is there a day job?
      After leaving my job at the Chronicle, I began teaching English, Journalism, and Creative Writing. I do a music/ media blog for the Houston Chronicle's webpage MIKED (blog.chron.com/miked), which I do mainly for fun to cover records from up-and-coming bands, and still cover shows. I actually covered the last X-Games in Austin for Hearst, and was one of the only media outlets to interview blink backstage before the show. I've interviewed Mark, Matt and Travis before, but never all at the same time on a couch with them, so that was a bucket-list moment.
      Who was the biggest "get" to interview?
      I pretty much got to interview everyone I wanted for the book, but there were a few artists that simply forgot to get back to me. Most of the interviews were conducted during my history as a music journalist, so a lot of the work was already done for the book, and so many of the quotes just fit the project perfectly, so it was really piecing together the puzzle to make this guide. It is really hard to pick who is the biggest "get" in the book. For fans of Mark Hoppus, he is quoted various times in the book from interviews I've done with him backstage at X-Games, and before "Neighborhoods" came out. I got to spend a day with the Descendents and shadow my friend who is their tour manager a few years ago and hang out with Milo, so that is really big to get his quotes for the book since many people new to this style of the music, can learn about the evolution and progression of pop-punk.
      If you are interested in reading Mike's book we've included some links to preorder HEY SUBURBIA 



      Awhile back we asked on the HMNIM Discord channel what questions do you have about Covid? We took those questions and put them to Ryan, who is
      the supervising physician assistant at an urgent/emergent clinic in Manhattan specializing in emergency medicine and has been practicing for almost 8 years. 

      Should I get the vaccine right away or wait?

      If you have the ability to get the vaccine sooner than later, I would recommend it. 

      Moderna and Pfizer’s efficacy is very good at ~95%. It seems that both 2-dose vaccinations show some protection to the other variants. I think it is beneficial to obtain partial immunity against Covid even if these 2-dose vaccines only provide some protection against newer variants. We are still learning about these variants and if the vaccine actually shows its effect towards them. UPDATE** Pfizer has been approved for kids between the ages of 12-16. 


      How long does a vaccine last? Does one brand last longer than the others?

      At this time, we do not know how long it lasts. Many of us in the medical community are anticipating that it will be an annual vaccine like the flu vaccine. However, if you stop the spread, the virus doesn’t have a way to replicate and survive. Unfortunately only the amount of public use of the vaccine will give us a clue if this is possible as time goes on. 

      The Johnson and Johnson vaccine, although not as effective as moderna and Pfizer, has the ability to prevent severe illness in up to 84% of the population. This is promising and ultimately what we would like for the future as it’s a one time vaccine instead of 2 shots. *UPDATE 4/15  At this time, the US has paused the use of JnJ vaccine due to chances of clotting (6 cases in 6.8 million doses given). For anyone who has JnJ and is scared, the likelihood of getting a blood clot from daily birth control is higher. **UPDATE 4/26 J&J Vaccine has resumed. 


      Can an N95 mask be reused? ( if given a break between uses?)

      As far as N95 masks, certainly! If one plans on using the mask all day long, we suggest designating a mask for each day of the week. Rotating through different masks is helpful in longevity. If you are using a mask for shorter periods of time, this can extend its life expectancy as well. Early on in the pandemic healthcare providers unfortunately were stuck with only one mask for weeks at a time. 


      What are the questions you get most asked from people or friends?

      The biggest question is when are we getting back to normal. It is pretty uncertain as I think even 2021 will be somewhat of a continuation. As the vaccine is given to more and more people, again, we’ll start to have a better idea. 

      Other questions include what helps treat and prevent Covid. There is a monoclonial antibody IV therapy called bamlanivimab and etesevimab that have shown to significantly improve symptoms within 10 days of onset of Covid. Supplements like Vitamin D, Zinc, or Vitamin C have not shown significant findings that would suggest in the prevention of or a decrease in severity of Covid. We do know that masks and socially distancing DO work.

      Generally people that are infected with covid are usually treated at home with over the counter medications unless having severe symptoms like difficulty breathing. 

      And finally the last question is, how long is someone contagious for? As per the CDC, you are no longer contagious on the 11th day (10 days +1) from the START of symptoms. 

      For the most up to date info visit the CDC



      Make March Matter is an annual campaign that unites businesses and the community in support of children’s health and Children’s Hospital LA. Shop, dine or participate in an event with a participating partner and funds will be donated to help ensure the hospital can provide sick and critically injured children with the best quality care.

      We here at HMNIM are proud to be participants of this annual campaign, as long-standing supporters of Children's Hospital Los Angeles. There are many many good causes out there, but this one is close to our heart. We pledged 50% of the proceeds of any sales on March 15th to this great cause. And you customers did not let us down. We had hundreds of orders poor in over the day, raising thousands of dollars for the Make March Matter cause. 

      To learn more about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, please visit www.chla.org




      Many of you doubted that Mark took the time to hand screen 100 tees. And you probably doubted that he came up with the design, and burned the screens himself. But what you are forgetting is that Mark is a man of many talents and passions, and one of those passions is photo emulsion. 

      Here we see Mark "burning" the screen with a lamp. A delicate and precise step in the screen printing process. Once this step is completed, the screen is throughly cleaned. 

      And now we jump to the printing step, putting the printing in screen printing. 

      Running a hot iron over the design to baking it into the fibers and ensuring that it's not going to wash off. Remember, Mark had to do this 100 times, for each tee. 

      Once the ink has been set, all that needs to happen is waiting for them to dry. Not easy finding places to lay 100 tees around to dry. In the end it was all for a great cause, raising money for CHLA.