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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Can I have a sticker?

      The proper way to ask is "May I please have a sticker?". And yes, you may have a sticker. In fact, we'd love to send you a sticker. But this only really applies to those of you that live in the United States. If you live in the US, you can send us a SASE, self-addressed stamped envelope. Meaning you send us a pre-stamped envelope with all your details and we'll put a couple stickers in it and send it back to you. Please send your SASE to these fine people: SORRY. we are in-between PO Boxes, an new address will be posted shortly.

      • Why is the sky blue?

      Come on? Are you really going to ask that? Everyone knows why the sky is blue and if you don't know then please Google it. 

      • What sorts of payment does HMNIM take?

      Since we are online only, we can only take online currencies, Credit & Debit cards, and Pay Pal. Please do not send us shiny rocks and bits of string, we do not consider those credible forms of payment, at this time. Maybe in the future if there is a total breakdown of society and man is forced to return to caves, shiny rocks and bits of string may then be used to purchase HMNIM products.

      • Do you ship Internationally?

      Yes, we ship to all the corners of the globe. Yes, our globe is square-shaped, and has corners. Back to the facts, we do indeed ship to most every country on the map that is reachable by one of our carriers. Be sure to read up on any possible Customs fees. If you live in a land that charges Customs fees, these will be the sole responsibility of the customer and not HMNIM.

      • Can I return my purchase for a different size?

      At this point we are not offering this but as long as your item has not been used, worn or washed and is in the same new condition as it was received, you can return the item for a refund. As all our items are made in limited quantities we can't do size exchanges as the quantities may no longer exist. Please take notice of our sizing guides for the best fit.

      • Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

      Nope. Isn't this annoying when you have to?

      • Does HMNIM ship to Post Office Boxes or APO addresses?

      Yes, we can absolutely ship to PO Boxes and APO, using USPS only. UPS and FedEx are not available for these shipments.

      • Do I need to sign for my order?

      For domestic orders using USPS, you do not need to sign for you order. UPS and FedEx may require signature.

      • How will I know you received my order and when will payment be deducted?

      Once your order has been placed you will receive a confirmation email confirming that your order has been received by HMNIM. Payment will be deducted at the time of purchase from your debit or credit card.

      • Can I track my order?

      Are you trying to track down your order like a hunter, looking for clues and imprints in the fresh earth? Probably not. You're most likely asking if there is an electronic way via the web to check on your package's safe journey. Tracking with USPS is very limited; however, tracking with UPS or FedEx is state-of-the-art, with multiple updates from our warehouse to your front door. 

      • Will I be refunded the full value of my order?

      Refunds are looked at on a case-by-case basis. If it's our fault, we will do everything we can to fix the issue to your satisfaction. In some cases we can only refund the value of the item purchased and not the cost of shipping.