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      This exclusive piece was designed and created by Mark Hoppus and Rich Simmons. Rich, who you may know already from the collab he's done with HMNIM, but in case you don't, he's an award-winning street artist. Do they give awards to artists? Apparently they do and Rich has the trophies to prove it.

      Rich described the piece so we didn't have to and here's what he said, "the painting was done to compliment the print run we did for HMNIM and has the same color pattern and was sprayed by both myself and Mark. The background is created using reclaimed billboards and the skullapus stencil was created just for this painting and collaboration. The money raised from this exclusive painting will go towards running more exciting art workshops with Teens Unite and Art is the Cure".

      The canvas has been signed by both Mark and Rich as both of them worked on the painting in Rich's London studio. And the painting is 1 of only 3 that were made. The other 2 are owned by Mark and Rich.

      100% of the proceeds will go to the charity Teens Unite Fighting Cancer.

      The canvas is 24 inches wide by 24 inches high and will be shipped by courier or can be collected from the Teens Unite office in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire (just north of Hogwarts). Click HERE for the ebay link to the auction.

      If you have any questions please email info@teensunitefightingcancer.org



      Our friend and recent collaborator Rich Simmons told us about this charity called Teens Unite Fighting Cancer. Being a teen is tough enough on its own. Trying to fit in, staying on top of what's cool, working out if that person likes you or not, and that's just your average Tuesday. And then pile onto the stress of all that, "Hey buddy, you got cancer", is mind blowing. There are fully functioning adults that can't handle that sort of news, for a teen, it's pretty much the worst thing you are ever going to hear, and they haven't even had the misfortune of failing their driver's test yet.

      Teens Unite was co-founded in 2007 by Karen Millen OBE and Debbie Pezzani. Six years later they remain the only charity in the country (UK) that provides help for teens during this time. Every day, 6 teens between 13-24 are told they have cancer. Teens Unite's main aim is to get teens together as often as possible in a fun-filled environment giving them a chance to talk to each other and gain strength from realizing that they are not alone in their battle. 

      We couldn't think of a better charity to get involved with. If you want to get involved, they are always looking for volunteers to help, or maybe you know someone who has cancer that may not even know that Teens Unite exists. You can now spread the word? Life is short enough as it is, you are never going to regret helping someone along the way. 

      This video had 182 views as we wrote this post. Let's try and get the video to 1000 views by the end of today.