If you get the New Tees On The Block reference then you either grew up in the 90's or your television is broken and stuck on VH1. You really need to get that fixed, having only one channel is no way to go through life. Sure you could read a book or go outside, but there are literally hundreds of TV channels that you could be watching and to limit yourself to just VH1 is crazy. Do you know how many shows there are about cooking? Or ghosts? Wait, idea time! Why has no one come up with a paranormal cooking show? It's genius! Don't even think about flying to Hollywood and trying to pitch our million dollar idea. We came up with it first. Not exactly sure how that would work. Celebrity ghost judge? No, it's a terrible idea. You can have it. We've got lots of projects we are already working on over the next few months, and we can't get sidetracked with "Ghost Chef", plus there are three new HMNIM tees coming out next week. And part 2 of the Mark Hoppus "Hi My Name Is" video series, but enough about Mark, let's get the focus back on the new tees. New Tees coming soon.