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      BLOG — DEAD


      It's the first day of October, and you know what that means. Pumpkin Spice Latte's at Starbucks! NO, that is incorrect, well it's correct but not the right answer for this post (they are good aren't they?). October means that there will be a million ghost shows and specials on TV this month, and the scariest movies of the year will premiere. But to kick things off we are going to talk about the Nightmares Fear Factory who pride themselves on not how many have taken the tour, but on how many couldn't even finish it. Watch this video for the back story on the legend. 

      It would be scarier if they didn't use the demon voice narration, and really just made it out to be a credible historic video piece. Sometimes authenticity can have a far more chilling effect. But they must be doing something right because the photos below show some very scared people. Try not to laugh. We're serious, look at these photos and just try not to laugh at those people, you can't do it. Laughing at someone else's fear is one of the greatest joys in life. So enjoy.



      This blog title is very witty and you don't even know why yet. You're probably wondering what the hell we're talking about. We are talking "rare" as in, only the second ever to be seen. This post is about a six-legged octopus or hexapus as it were. The only ever sighting took place back in 2008 in north Wales. That creature, was lovingly named "Henry the Hexapus". Well, if only the most recent find lived long enough to have a name...read on.

      Hexie as we've just nicknamed it, was caught in Greece by happy family man Labros Hydras. 

      Labros and family were quite pleased with their catch of Hexie. They played with her, took photos and generally had a fun time with little Hexie. But that fun was short-lived. Literally "short-lived", because shortly after these family vacation photos were taken, the Hydras family decided it was time eat the poor, rare creature.

      The Hydras did indeed make a meal of Hexie, even after being told by a local chef that he wouldn't cook the animal because it was such a rare find. But the Hydras had made up their minds and Hexie was no more. The End.


      Mitch Hedberg is a comedian. No, wait, he was more than a comedian. He was a teacher, a poet and a legend, who passed away at the perfect time. Gotcha. You thought we would write that he "passed away too soon". Who are we to say when it's time to go? Maybe his jokes would have gone downhill or he would have done a tv show that was terrible. Those things didn't happen and will never happen because he died at the perfect time. Do we miss him? Hell yes. But what he left behind was perfect.

      Mitch's wife is sharing his comedic journals with GQ Magazine this month. To learn more about Mitch just Google him. Or watch this video: