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      BLOG — FUNNY


      Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude. That is the tag line for one of the most original tumblr's we've seen in a long time. What is it you ask? Come on, don't play dumb, you've glanced down the page and seen the photos, you know damn well what this is all about it. Ok, fine, we'll explain it for those of you that don't have eyeballs (apologies to those of you that are blind we meant no disrespect to you ). The idea is that they Photoshop out guns and replace them with a good ol' fashioned thumbs up.


      Does everyone remember Amy Schumer from Fuse's Hoppus on Music? She was the adorable foul-mouthed co-host. Or are you just putting it together now that she is the same Amy Schumer from the Comedy Central hit "Inside Amy Schumer". Most of you probably thought that after Fuse, Amy's life went down the toilet and she would end up homeless and destitute walking the streets of Manhattan trading snappy one-liners for spare change. Well, we're afraid to report that Amy's life has indeed spiraled out of control but in a totally good way. Congrats on the success of the show Amy. We haven't missed an episode yet.


      Mitch Hedberg is a comedian. No, wait, he was more than a comedian. He was a teacher, a poet and a legend, who passed away at the perfect time. Gotcha. You thought we would write that he "passed away too soon". Who are we to say when it's time to go? Maybe his jokes would have gone downhill or he would have done a tv show that was terrible. Those things didn't happen and will never happen because he died at the perfect time. Do we miss him? Hell yes. But what he left behind was perfect.

      Mitch's wife is sharing his comedic journals with GQ Magazine this month. To learn more about Mitch just Google him. Or watch this video:


      Seems like every time you turn on the tv, some channel is proclaiming that they have number one show on television. I mean really, NCIS can't possibly be the number one show unless you start narrowing down your criteria by a lot. Like, the number one show about Navy cops who have desks facing each other. I don't see how that can be true when everyone knows the number one show is clearly Regular Show.

      The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a Blue Jay named Mordecai and a Raccoon named Rigby. Both "work" as groundskeepers at a park. That's all you pretty much need to know. That, and it's probably the funniest show you aren't watching. If it makes you feel better, the two main characters are twenty-three years old, so it's not for little kids like you might think.

      Regular Show: The Power from Waksack2 on Vimeo.