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      BLOG — PAWS

      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 6: WeeHalvePause

      And we are BACK.....coming to you all the way from jolly olde England. This is our 6th podcast, well, more of a "PAWS-cast" but we do kick it off with talk of the I'M SCARED movie score. James and Mark brag about being big time movie scorers...hear a bit about their hard work on the Billboard exclusive trailer HERE

      And for a more behind-the-scenes look at the making of "I'M SCARED" check out director Pete Levin's blog HERE.

      For the last month, Mark and James have been holed up in the English countryside recording the new PAWS album. To hear how awful it was to work with them on a daily basis we have a whole podcast dedicated to the Glaswegian band PAWS to air their grievances.

      PAWS are Phillip, Josh, and Ryan.

      Phillip jots down some questions about jam for Mark. 

      The infamous "shaker"

      Ryan laying down a track.

      Mark "producing" really hard here.

      All photos by Harrison Reid.


      For all things PAWS go here:

      Twitter: @wehavepaws
      Instagram: @wehavepaws