We are going to kick off the New Year with a SALE. We need to make room for the all the new products we have planned for 2014. And we have lots planned for the new year. The sizes are very limited, and you know when it's gone, it's gone for good. But maybe you didn't know that? We've received many emails from some of you asking when certain tees or sizes will be back in stock. The short answer is, never. We want each product we make to have some special value, even if it's only to you. That you can walk around knowing that only so many of each item were made and you were lucky enough to get one. Now doesn't that sound way better than buying something at the mall?


So with that said, the sale will be short and sweet -- New Year's Day from 12:00am - 11:59pm. And once items are gone, they are gone for good. Like we said, we need to make space for all the new stuff we have coming out in 2014.

Happy shopping to you and most of all, Happy New Year and thank you for your incredible support in 2013.


This Friday marks HMNIM's first sale. Known commonly as "Black Friday", it gets its name from when a customer falls as they race through doors, tripping on a rug while running toward a TV marked down 20%, it is then that all light is "blacked" out as hundreds frantic moms trample the weakling into a cartoonish pancake shape.

Well your friends here at HMNIM don't want you to be trampled by moms. Our sale is just online, where you can order from the comfort of your home, no camping out in the cold with a bunch of strangers. But if that is your thing, you could camp out in front of your own home, and at midnight burst into your house, push over your loved ones as you race to the computer to get that same rush.

This Friday will mark the four days of 40% off, ending at midnight on Monday, December 2nd. Four days to pick up some tees, hats, polos all at 40% off. Warning, things will sell out pretty quick, most of the items are down to just a few pieces, and when they are gone, they are gone for good (please don't be mad at us when they sell out). Not everything will be marked down, in fact, we will be releasing some new products this Friday. Three new zip-up hoodies, and a big sticker sheet.