There are some movie characters out there whose presence transcends time and space. Sloth, from the movie The Goonies, is one of those characters. You could show a picture of Sloth to someone in their 50's or a 5-year-old and they will know that beautiful Baby Ruth-eating face. The movie was a huge success, and two of the Goonies cast, Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings ) and Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men ) went on to big Hollywood careers. But if it weren't for his untimely death in 1989 from being too awesome (aka, his heart couldn't keep up with his awesomeness) Sloth actor John Matuszak would have out shined them all. 

They don't give out internet memes to just anyone.You have to really earn that prize with hard work and dedication to your craft, whatever that may be. With that said, I give you "Slothing" or as it's known in the graphic artist circles: "Intro to Photoshop". First, you take a good long hard look at Sloth.

Have you got it? Have you burned that beautiful visage into your brain? Ok, good. Now find any photo you want and drop it into Photoshop. The last step, you mash that face up really good. I suggest the "liquify tool". Done! You are now part of the cool kids meme of Slothing.