Today we are going to help you become bad ass. Sure all of you have seen the Apple commercial with all the stickers on the laptop, what you didn't see is the best sticker you can possible put on your computer, maybe we are a little biased but come on, you know this looks awesome. 

First thing first, you are going to need three things, an Apple computer, an Octopus vinyl sticker, and a ceremonial Japanese samurai sword.

Next, line up your sticker so that the eyes will lay perfectly over the apple. this is pretty easy to do so don't stress it. 

Lay your sticker down, once you've lined the eyes up, rub it down to push out any air bubbles. If you do get some bubbles don't worry, they will work themselves out over a couple days. Do not try and pop them with a pin, don't ask us how we know this, but it doesn't work. 

Now this is the most important step, holding your sword with both your hands you want to make a quick decisive cut in one motion. If you need help with this, we suggest you watch Akira Kurosawa's the Seven Samurai or his later masterpiece Yojimbo for proper sword technique.

Now you are left with some tentacles, you can toss them aside or for bonus points you can line them up and stick them to the underneath of your computer.

Well, there you go. Your computer is now officially bad ass.