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      BLOG — TOYS


      This is part of our extremely late San Diego Comic Con coverage. We saw people dressed up as zombies and superheroes, just like every other year, so not a lot to report there. What we do want to talk about is Amanda Visell. You need to get onboard the Visell train. And it's not one of those slow-moving commuter trains. We're talking the high speed 400mph ones, more like a rocket. Her rocket is taking off and you don't want to be left behind, standing in a post-apocalyptic artist wasteland wishing you got on board, but you didn't and now you have to fight off roving gangs of mutants all because you thought you knew what real art was. Now sit down, buckle up, and take your eyes on a ride to Where Eagles Dare.

      Amanda, on the left and the very talented Michelle Valigura to the right.