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      BLOG — TV


      Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone follow their dream. Whether that dream is to learn to walk again, or converting your car into a 1980's TV replica. It is the latter that we are talking about today. Now we aren't going to tell you that Knight Rider was the best show ever, it was alright, it had its moments, and it had David Hasselhoff. But the real star was K.I.T.T. the talking car, the acronym KITT stood for something but who has time to find out that sort of information? Not us. Moving on, this post is about doing what you love and seeing it through. 

      Chris Palmer is an inspiration to all of us that have a dream but might be a little scared of what others might say about it. Dreams by their very nature are silly and nonsensical, but making a dream a reality is the highest calling and greatest achievement one might do in their lifetime. We are being totally serious here people, you have to follow your dreams or what is the point? You get this one life, and you have to make the most of it, and you can't let your dreams get derailed by others who don't understand why you want what you want.  So get out there, write that movie script, build that rocket, start that band, life is so much better when you follow your dreams.