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      BLOG — UCB

      UCB - Upright Citizens Brigade

      Last Friday we dropped in on the UCB to watch Mark join the improv cast of BANGARANG! Now you are probably asking "why didn't i hear about this?", well, Mark was the surprise guest. Surprise being the key word. So we couldn't leak that he was the guest until the show started. 

      Bangarang! starts off with the guest or surprise guest in this case, telling a story based off of a random audience member yelling something out to the crowd. Friday's performance started off with the word "laser". Mark, after a few seconds of thought, told the story of the time blink-182 brought out on tour the second most powerful civilian laser in North America.

      The Bangarang cast takes the stage after Mark's story and does 20 amazing minutes of improv based on lasers, touring, and dead pixels. Part of the cast that night was Lauren Lapkus, which you might recognize from the movie Jurassic World or Netflix's Orange is the New Black. We have Lauren to thank for getting Mark involved. 

      Mark told two more stories during the night, and the Bangarang! cast killed it every time. We'd like to thank everyone involved. Give them a follow on Twitter or better yet, go see them live at UCB.