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      Hi My Name is...Allie

      Hi My Name is...Allie

      We met Allie the first week of blink-182 recording at John Feldmann's Foxy Studios. We hit it off immediately, talking about music and photography, and even running a clothing brand (she has her own line called AnxietyCo.Org ). Most of the great photos you've seen from the blink recording are to be credited to Allie. She's not only a great photographer, but a super cool person to have around. When blink was done, we didn't lose touch, knowing that we wanted to interview her for the site. She's a very interesting and charming person and we hope that comes through in this mini, Hi My Name Is segment.

      HMNI: Where did you grow up?

      Allie: I grew up in a small town in Los Angeles county called Torrance. It’s just south of the city. I currently reside in The San Fernando Valley. It’s nice, but very hot. One day, I hope to move back to the South Bay area. 

      HMNI: How did you get into music?

      AllieMusic has always been very important in my life. My dad was a radio/club DJ while my mother was always taking my sister, Cassie and I to karaoke bars when we were little so she could sing country music. I remember she'd take us to Dimples in Burbank regularly. My dad brought us up on artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Seal, and Journey. While my mom introduced us to country artists like Tanya Tucker, Reba McEntire, and Naomi Judd. As I got older, I started listening to pop radio and artists like Britney Spears and *NSync. It wasn’t until my sister brought home blink-182’s "Enema of the State” when I really started getting into guitars and drums. I thought, wow, my sister actually likes something cool! AND they say bad words (my mom told us bad words were only ok to say if they were in sung in a song. It was just part of the music). From there, my taste in rock and pop rock only grew. In middle school, I was listening to bands like Linkin Park and The White Stripes. That faded into Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The Used, and My Chemical Romance. That’s when I first was first introduced to the name John Feldmann.

      My best friend and I would go see all of these bands, multiple times. We were those dedicated kids waiting outside the venue in sleeping bags at 3am so we’d be first in line and at the barricade when the show started. We’d wait outside for hours after the show just to say hi or get a photo with the band or artist. I always knew I wanted to be a part the live music scene in some way, I never knew how to get there but, I knew I loved every minute of it. I started listening to The Veronicas at the end of high school. These were my girls. I’d chat with them on their forum and myspace. They started asking me to hang out after shows. I slowly went from fan to friend. They also worked with John Feldmann. At the time, one of their boyfriend’s bands was recording in LA from Australia. One day, they needed help getting gear from the studio back to where they were staying and I had a truck. I, of course said yes, and began to roadie and sell merch for them on tour. 

      My love for being in that environment remained. I longed for it. I lived for it. But again, I had no idea how to get back there. My mom, my hero, approached me one day asking if I knew who John Feldmann was. Dumbfounded, and confused I said “Duh. He’s basically responsible for The Used. Why?!” Note: The Used must be my favorite band since 2004. She said that he’d been one of her clients for the last year (she's an accountant.) I knew this was it. This was my chance. The next day John Feldmann was calling me asking me to come by his studio. And here I am!

      HMNI: Who would you like to see record at Foxy Studios?

      Allie: I would really love to see Green Day record here at Foxy studios. I know they could make something truly magical together. I also wouldn’t mind working with Demi Lovato, I may or may not have a slight crush on her. 

      HMNI: What are 3 things you wished people knew about you?


      1) I love my dog, Conan more than I love.. pretty much anything. 

      2) I can’t cross my eyes.

      3) I truly believe that people should treat people they want to be treated. Be nice and smile at everyone you meet. I believe in good manners. I believe in staying humble. And I believe that everything happens for a reason. 
      The portrait photo of Allie was taken by Sofia Danielson. If you want to see more of Allie's photos, follower her on Instagram @alliesaurousREX and check out her site AnxietyCo.Org

      Tour Essentials - Mark Hoppus

      Tour Essentials - Mark Hoppus

      These are the tour "Essentials" from Mark Hoppus. Bring only what you need and what you think you'll use. After years of touring and traveling, if anyone knows exactly what to bring, is Mark. 



      MacBook, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPhone 6s +, Apple Pencil

      Kindle Oasis

      Rimowa Bolera roll on suitcase

      Black Ember Neoruk backpack

      Montblanc Meisterstuck pen

      Tile tracker

      Fitbit Blaze

      Sensaphonics 2Max monitors

      Sony Cyber-shot RX1-Rii camera

      Hydro Flask 40oz bottle

      The Hundreds notebook  the

      Oliver Peoples Jack Huston sunglasses

      Dodgers New Era baseball cap


      Shoes (two pairs)

      Short-sleeve t-shirts (seven)

      Shorts (one pair), Sleep Shorts (one pair), Swim Trunks (one pair), Hoodie (one), Long-sleeve t-shirt (one)

      Polo Shirt ((one) i’ll never end up wearing this)

      Long Pants (two pairs)

      Making of the Video "Bored to Death"

      Making of the Video "Bored to Death"

      We take you behind-the-scenes, the making of blink-182's "Bored to Death" music video. Now we can't give too much away, so we'll only be publishing photos from the "performance" part of the video shoot.  Filmed at the Las Globos club in Silverlake (where the term "hipster" was born), a suburb of Los Angeles.

      And now onto the photos. 



      Hi My Name is....Joe Ledbetter

      Hi My Name is....Joe Ledbetter

      Let's all give a warm welcome to our newest "Hi My Name is" inductee. Get a glimpse of the genius of Joe Ledbetter, designer of the Limited Edition skate deck. Find out what his 5 favorite things are and look around his LA design studio.


      Click HERE

      PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

      PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

      Continuing with our long tradition of randomly releasing our podcast, we bring you #009, The Feldmann Interview. You'll hear from John all about what it was like working with blink-182 on their forthcoming album, California. John and Mark talk music and more in our best podcast yet. More importantly, and probably why you're listening to this podcast, we talk about donuts. 

       John Feldmann's Kingdom in the deep Valley

      As always James (@jamesisntcool)

      • Goldfinger's Official website HERE

      We could't find the video for the song "Dad", so lets play "99 red balloons"

      Donut Friend Donuts. Mark Trombino's world famous donuts.

      World Premiere of the "Donuts Skronuts" song, and this is a Skronut, which is in no way a Cronut, totally different spelling.

       Zack Cervini - Engineer / sleep deprived

      This is only one, of the many walls inside Foxy studios

      John samples the "bacon-182" signature donut. 

       For more information on how you can taste the best donuts in Los Angeles  click HERE

      The blink-182 announcement party

      The blink-182 announcement party

      Last Thursday night was spent drinking, eating popcorn shrimp and singing lots and lots of blink-182 karaoke. Any one of those things would be an epic night out, but put them all together and it was something special. Located at the Blind Dragon Karaoke bar on Sunset, everyone celebrated with an open bar and packed venue to kick off the announcement of the upcoming blink-182 summer tour and the newly released "Bored to Death" single. With members of All Time Low, A Day to Remember, and All American Rejects in attendance as well as John Feldmann's squad, things almost got out of hand, but in a good way. Many more good times ahead and what a way to kick it all off!

      The boys thanking everyone for coming out to celebrate.

      A touching rendition of Dammit.

      A heartfelt duet. 

      Adam from Against Me! and this other guy who was in 90% of the photos we took. 

      Hello ladies.

      Not sure what's going on here, but everyone was having a good time. 

      One of our favorite couples, James and Brittany.

      Mark, Darryl, and the Feldmann's.

      Here's to seeing you all out on tour soon and be sure to stay tuned for ticket giveaways and more from HMNIM.