PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

Continuing with our long tradition of randomly releasing our podcast, we bring you #009, The Feldmann Interview. You'll hear from John all about what it was like working with blink-182 on their forthcoming album, California. John and Mark talk music and more in our best podcast yet. More importantly, and probably why you're listening to this podcast, we talk about donuts. 

 John Feldmann's Kingdom in the deep Valley

As always James (@jamesisntcool)

  • Goldfinger's Official website HERE

We could't find the video for the song "Dad", so lets play "99 red balloons"

Donut Friend Donuts. Mark Trombino's world famous donuts.

World Premiere of the "Donuts Skronuts" song, and this is a Skronut, which is in no way a Cronut, totally different spelling.

 Zack Cervini - Engineer / sleep deprived

This is only one, of the many walls inside Foxy studios

John samples the "bacon-182" signature donut. 

 For more information on how you can taste the best donuts in Los Angeles  click HERE


Robin Björklund:

Love Dad by Goldfinger!! Awesome!!
I just found your pod mark, I mean I new you had it but I never listened before. I’m a huge blink fan, best band ever! It’s great listening to your pod, bands or whatever you do. Keep it up. It makes my day! (y)
Much love // Robin

May 09, 2016

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