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      BLOG — ART



      Artist friend of ours Matt Saunders, you would know him from the two shirt designs he just did for us, (Wave and Octopi) has just completed a truly impressive project for the Pottermore website. For those of you that don't know what Pottermore is, well, it's a website focusing on the unknown parts of the Harry Potter series and re-telling the story in an interactive way. Matt was responsible for creating the illustrated scenes for The Sorting Ceremony and wand selection. This is just a small taste of what Matt created. You can check out all the work he did on Matt's own website HERE


      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 7: Call Me Crum

      Lucky episode number seven. We go deep with artist Greg "Craola" Simkins, from the gritty back streets of LA to fine art galleries. He tells you how he did it, spoiler alert, it wasn't easy. Midway through the podcast, we surprise Mark with a one-of-a-kind gift that will blow your mind. We nerd out in great detail on how one of Mark's guitars gets built from the ground up.

      For those of you who have no idea what a "POG" is: 

      The company that shall not be named, named. JNCO jeans:

      Greg's painting that lives in Mark's home office referenced in the podcast:

      The BIG surprise:

      Robert Ortiz @robertnoise discusses the intricacies of building a custom bass for Mark:

      Behind-the-scenes photography. Greg's beloved sketch book:

      Mark explains the differences between a normal bass and his custom set-up: 

      You're welcome, once again....


      We are going to shine the spotlight on Texas artist Mike Guerrero. Who as you might have guessed will be our next collaborative artist here. As we get closer to the release we give you a sneak peek at what we have in store, until then, here are a few pieces from Mike to wet your appetite. 


      Our London friend, Rich Simmons has come stateside for his gallery show at the Soho Contemporary Art. If you are in the area you should go. No, if you are in the area you HAVE TO GO. If you've been following Rich on Facebook then you've gotten a glimpse of what he's created for this show and you know it's going to be awesome to see in person. And if you see Rich there and take a picture with him while wearing a HMNIM tee, post with #HMNIM and #ARTISTHECURE and one lucky winner with get a surprise gift from us just for supporting the Arts.

      This we pulled from the Soho website:

      On September 18th, Soho Contemporary Art will introduce Rich Simmons, a rising star on the international art scene. Coming off of three very successful solo shows in the United Kingdom, Rich Simmons is bringing his latest works to the Bowery for his first American show. The artist takes recognizable imagery from pop culture, such as super-heroes and projects his opinions and sense of humor on these familiar and well-known images. His message is one that everyone can relate to, love yourself. Connecting his work to his charity, Art is the Cure, he wants to raise awareness that creativity is a way to release emotions, both positive and negative. With his creativity, his unique commentary and passion for his cause, Rich Simmons is rising to fame because the public are connecting with his art and agreeing with his message.

      RSVP: info@sohocontemporaryart.com


      Awhile back we did a print edition with the artist Mike Mitchell. The "Skullypus", a cross hybrid of our Octopus logo and the signature Mike Mitchell little skully dude. It was in a word AWESOME.

      The print edition sold out in minutes. And many, many of you were bummed at us. It's the curse of making limited edition sought after things, they sell out fast. In an effort to bring more art into the world we talked to Mike and he suggested that we offer a "black" version. But then that's it, that's where this print ends. Like the Ying Yang, there will only be the white and black.

      Mike Mitchell collab with Blink182's Mark Hoppus brand Hi My Name is Mark, the skullypus print black edition.

      The Black Version will go on sale this Thursday the 19th 9AM PST.


      We are about to introduce our very first Mystery Box. Now, most of you are probably already familiar with how a Mystery Box works. A company does a spring cleaning of sorts, over the course of a year, after numerous print runs and sampling, a good size collection starts in the offices, one-offs, random colors, shipments that never got past Customs. All these add up. Rather than create new product pages, or do a typical "sale", the more exciting (i.e.; Fun Option) idea is to create mystery packages. 

      Now before you can say, how can repackaging products be considered a true mystery? Well, we've had those same thoughts and decided to add something to the box to throw everyone off-guard. Something that will for sure surprise you and make you very happy. That's all we can say about that, it is after all a "mystery" box.

      Limited to only 200. Once word gets out, these will be gone.