We are about to introduce our very first Mystery Box. Now, most of you are probably already familiar with how a Mystery Box works. A company does a spring cleaning of sorts, over the course of a year, after numerous print runs and sampling, a good size collection starts in the offices, one-offs, random colors, shipments that never got past Customs. All these add up. Rather than create new product pages, or do a typical "sale", the more exciting (i.e.; Fun Option) idea is to create mystery packages. 

Now before you can say, how can repackaging products be considered a true mystery? Well, we've had those same thoughts and decided to add something to the box to throw everyone off-guard. Something that will for sure surprise you and make you very happy. That's all we can say about that, it is after all a "mystery" box.

Limited to only 200. Once word gets out, these will be gone.


Brian Cugini:

Spoiler Alert: Marsellus Wallace threw Tony out of the window. No one will ever know why except for Marsellus and Tony. What we now know is that the contents inside the briefcase was actually the last HMNIM mystery box. Boom.

Apr 23, 2014

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