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      BLOG — blink-182

      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 5: Run fast until you fall down

      Here is a recap of the podcast, or if you don't own a podcast player this is the next best thing.

      Whitmer's standup doing "I miss you"

      The Dougie Poynter interview-
      At the Met Gala:


      Hate your guts - mcbusted + mark

      Doug's Children's book - The Dinosaur that pooped a planet.

      Paws - Owls Talons Clenching My Heart

      Hop along - new album art

      Colleen Green's Cover of blink182's m&ms

      Mark dj's at the all time low concert

      Neck Deep - Can't kick up the roots



      A few weeks ago we came upon a message from Haydn Curtis, who was wondering if it would be ok to do a parody of a blink182 shirt to help raise money and awareness for his little sister Gwen who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We got to talking and wanted to get involved in helping in a bigger way

       Mark volunteered one of his guitars, and Greg "Craola" Simkins volunteered his immense talent to bring us a one of a kind, and do we mean "one of a kind" guitar. Not a "limited edition", there is not another one like this on the planet. Mark is going to be playing the "Bassola" guitar this week. So it's just not a pretty wall guitar, this one will have been on stage, seen the lights, the crowds, and actually played. The guitar will be auctioned off to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. You can start bidding HERE