Here is a recap of the podcast, or if you don't own a podcast player this is the next best thing.

Whitmer's standup doing "I miss you"

The Dougie Poynter interview-
At the Met Gala:


Hate your guts - mcbusted + mark

Doug's Children's book - The Dinosaur that pooped a planet.

Paws - Owls Talons Clenching My Heart

Hop along - new album art

Colleen Green's Cover of blink182's m&ms

Mark dj's at the all time low concert

Neck Deep - Can't kick up the roots



Joe Goetschel :

more podcasts!!!!! Love you man and the only one from blink I have yet to meet! Not cool :( one day.

Jul 05, 2015


Thanks for fixing the podcast play.
Since Mark doesn’t read this shit, tell him I said he is not old.
And if he is feeling old, I love him anyway.
(I am slightly older than Mark, but very young at heart.)

Jun 04, 2015


Woooo been waiting for this!

Jun 04, 2015

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