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      For those of you who were holding their breath for the results, and we seriously hope none of you were, because of obvious reasons. We have finally picked a winner for our pumpkin carving contest from October. 

      You can all tell Sydney congratulations for her Mark-topus Pumpkin. Which you have to admit came out pretty awesome. 

      At the above stage it's hard to picture how it was going to look when lit up. 

      But as you can see, Sydney nailed it. 

      For her efforts she has won one of Mark's most prized possessions from the 2016 blink182 tour. This cardboard cut out of Ralph Wiggum was on stage for everyone of those shows, quietly watching and judging Mark. And now it watches over you Sydney. Congratulations. 



      When the blink-182 tour came to Los Angeles on Friday 09/30 and Saturday 10/01, we wanted to do something special. We called up Mark Trombino who runs the best donut shop in town DONUT FRIEND (some of you may recognize the name from blink-182's early Dude Ranch album as their producer). We asked Mark if he could come up with a signature donut for us, something cool for the LA Forum shows. A true limited edition as only 50 would be made each day. Mark, not missing a beat, said "let's do a Hi My Name Is BisMARK"

      For those of you not well-versed in all things donut, a bismark or also known as a Berliner Pfannkuchen (Berliner for short) is a traditional German pastry similar to a donut with no central hole, made from sweet yeast dough fried in oil, with a marmalade or jam filling and usually icing, powdered sugar or conventional sugar on top. They are sometimes made with chocolate, champagne, custard, mocha filling, or with no filling at all. Our exclusive HI My Name Is Bismark would be made with Vanilla or Carmel glaze and a light vanilla custard filling. 

      The first person to try one of our bisMARKs.

      Now, if you purchased a bisMARK, and posted a picture of it to Instagram with the tags #donutfriend and #octopusdonut, you were automatically entered into a drawing for a Joe Ledbetter complete skateboard.

      The big prize for those that entered, was a signed Joe Ledbetter skateboard, with all the stuff, provided by our friends over at Pig Wheels and Bro Style

      And the winner is.....

      Eddie email customerservice@himynameismark.com with your details on how we get you your prize. Congrats! and thanks to everyone that came out to Donut Friend!

      The BLINK-182 Summer Tour - UPDATE

      The BLINK-182 Summer Tour - UPDATE

      We figured it's just past the halfway point in the blink-182 North American summer tour, and time for another update. This is one tour you do not want to miss. From the moment DJ Spider opens the doors to the final note of the blink set, this tour will more than exceed all your greatest expectations. And trust us, as we've seen pretty much every blink tour since they were riding in vans with boys.

      We must thank @justwilliet (instagram) for the insane pictures you see below. 

      Be sure to check out www.blink182.com for tour dates and ticket info. 


      This person got the gift of doing Mark's laundry, one sweaty post show Brush Tee.


      West Palm Beach fan in the Static Tee

      ADTR or if you have the time to type it all out, A Day To Remember.

      Holmdel PNC Arts Center

      Jones Beach



      Day Off



      Mark's Dabs Myla bass




      The BLINK-182 Summer Tour - 2016

      The BLINK-182 Summer Tour - 2016

      Before the tour, the band held a week of production rehearsals on a soundstage in Los Angeles. This provided an opportunity to play through the set in its entirety before taking the tour out across the US and Canada. The lights, the pyro, the fireworks, all of it done everyday for a week to work out any last-minute changes and to finesse the final set list.

      A peek into the rehearsals:


      And now, onto the show...

      For tour dates and blink-182 news CLICK HERE

      Tour Essentials - Mark Hoppus

      Tour Essentials - Mark Hoppus

      These are the tour "Essentials" from Mark Hoppus. Bring only what you need and what you think you'll use. After years of touring and traveling, if anyone knows exactly what to bring, is Mark. 



      MacBook, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPhone 6s +, Apple Pencil  apple.com

      Kindle Oasis  amazon.com

      Rimowa Bolera roll on suitcase  rimowa.com

      Black Ember Neoruk backpack  blackember.com

      Montblanc Meisterstuck pen  montblanc.com

      Tile tracker  thetileapp.com

      Fitbit Blaze  fitbit.com

      Sensaphonics 2Max monitors  sensaphonics.com

      Sony Cyber-shot RX1-Rii camera  sony.com

      Hydro Flask 40oz bottle  hydroflask.com

      The Hundreds notebook  the hundreds.com

      Oliver Peoples Jack Huston sunglasses  oliverpeoples.com

      Dodgers New Era baseball cap  dodgers.com

      Belt  goyard.com

      Shoes (two pairs)  nike.com

      Short-sleeve t-shirts (seven)  himynameismark.com jamesperse.com pioneersaloon.com

      Shorts (one pair), Sleep Shorts (one pair), Swim Trunks (one pair), Hoodie (one), Long-sleeve t-shirt (one)  jamesperse.com

      Polo Shirt ((one) i’ll never end up wearing this)  jcrew.com

      Long Pants (two pairs)  uniqlo.com obeyclothing.com

      Making of the Video "Bored to Death"

      Making of the Video "Bored to Death"

      We take you behind-the-scenes, the making of blink-182's "Bored to Death" music video. Now we can't give too much away, so we'll only be publishing photos from the "performance" part of the video shoot.  Filmed at the Las Globos club in Silverlake (where the term "hipster" was born), a suburb of Los Angeles.

      And now onto the photos.