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      PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

      PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

      Continuing with our long tradition of randomly releasing our podcast, we bring you #009, The Feldmann Interview. You'll hear from John all about what it was like working with blink-182 on their forthcoming album, California. John and Mark talk music and more in our best podcast yet. More importantly, and probably why you're listening to this podcast, we talk about donuts. 

       John Feldmann's Kingdom in the deep Valley

      As always James (@jamesisntcool)

      • Goldfinger's Official website HERE

      We could't find the video for the song "Dad", so lets play "99 red balloons"

      Donut Friend Donuts. Mark Trombino's world famous donuts.

      World Premiere of the "Donuts Skronuts" song, and this is a Skronut, which is in no way a Cronut, totally different spelling.

       Zack Cervini - Engineer / sleep deprived

      This is only one, of the many walls inside Foxy studios

      John samples the "bacon-182" signature donut. 

       For more information on how you can taste the best donuts in Los Angeles  click HERE



      Listen to Mark's Tacking Back Tuesday Emo Night's 1 year Anniversary playlist on Spotify HERE.

      All photos by our friend @robertnoise



      Music for Relief was founded by the band Linkin Park in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Since inception in 2005, Music for Relief has raised over $7 million for survivors of natural disasters across four continents including Hurricane Katrina, China’s Wenchuan earthquake, a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, earthquakes in Haiti and Japan in 2010, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

      MFR has organized benefit concerts, online auctions, and events with multi-platinum musicians and celebrities to help rebuild and donate supplies to people in need. Music for Relief has also planted over 1 million trees to help reduce climate change.

      MFR’s 10th anniversary celebration, Relief LIVE, featured special performances by Linkin Park & friends, and since it was last Saturday we can now reveal who those friends were. Our very own Mark Hoppus offered his talents as the evening's MC, as well as taking part in a special performance with Linkin Park and No Doubt's Adrian Young. To add to the incredible list of talent, Helmet's Page Hamilton performed with Linkin Park and the night's honoree, Steve Aoki did a very cool exclusive performance that was certainly a must-see.


      All Photos by Robert Ortiz @robertnoise

      Videos by Skye Hoppus

      To learn more, and get involved with Music for Relief click HERE

      MFR - Instagram

      MFR - Twitter

      MFR - Facebook






      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 7: Call Me Crum

      Lucky episode number seven. We go deep with artist Greg "Craola" Simkins, from the gritty back streets of LA to fine art galleries. He tells you how he did it, spoiler alert, it wasn't easy. Midway through the podcast, we surprise Mark with a one-of-a-kind gift that will blow your mind. We nerd out in great detail on how one of Mark's guitars gets built from the ground up.

      For those of you who have no idea what a "POG" is: 

      The company that shall not be named, named. JNCO jeans:

      Greg's painting that lives in Mark's home office referenced in the podcast:

      The BIG surprise:

      Robert Ortiz @robertnoise discusses the intricacies of building a custom bass for Mark:

      Behind-the-scenes photography. Greg's beloved sketch book:

      Mark explains the differences between a normal bass and his custom set-up: 

      You're welcome, once again....

      UCB - Upright Citizens Brigade

      Last Friday we dropped in on the UCB to watch Mark join the improv cast of BANGARANG! Now you are probably asking "why didn't i hear about this?", well, Mark was the surprise guest. Surprise being the key word. So we couldn't leak that he was the guest until the show started. 

      Bangarang! starts off with the guest or surprise guest in this case, telling a story based off of a random audience member yelling something out to the crowd. Friday's performance started off with the word "laser". Mark, after a few seconds of thought, told the story of the time blink-182 brought out on tour the second most powerful civilian laser in North America.

      The Bangarang cast takes the stage after Mark's story and does 20 amazing minutes of improv based on lasers, touring, and dead pixels. Part of the cast that night was Lauren Lapkus, which you might recognize from the movie Jurassic World or Netflix's Orange is the New Black. We have Lauren to thank for getting Mark involved. 

      Mark told two more stories during the night, and the Bangarang! cast killed it every time. We'd like to thank everyone involved. Give them a follow on Twitter or better yet, go see them live at UCB.


      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 6: WeeHalvePause

      And we are BACK.....coming to you all the way from jolly olde England. This is our 6th podcast, well, more of a "PAWS-cast" but we do kick it off with talk of the I'M SCARED movie score. James and Mark brag about being big time movie scorers...hear a bit about their hard work on the Billboard exclusive trailer HERE

      And for a more behind-the-scenes look at the making of "I'M SCARED" check out director Pete Levin's blog HERE.

      For the last month, Mark and James have been holed up in the English countryside recording the new PAWS album. To hear how awful it was to work with them on a daily basis we have a whole podcast dedicated to the Glaswegian band PAWS to air their grievances.

      PAWS are Phillip, Josh, and Ryan.

      Phillip jots down some questions about jam for Mark. 

      The infamous "shaker"

      Ryan laying down a track.

      Mark "producing" really hard here.

      All photos by Harrison Reid.


      For all things PAWS go here:

      Twitter: @wehavepaws
      Instagram: @wehavepaws