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      Mitch Hedberg is a comedian. No, wait, he was more than a comedian. He was a teacher, a poet and a legend, who passed away at the perfect time. Gotcha. You thought we would write that he "passed away too soon". Who are we to say when it's time to go? Maybe his jokes would have gone downhill or he would have done a tv show that was terrible. Those things didn't happen and will never happen because he died at the perfect time. Do we miss him? Hell yes. But what he left behind was perfect.

      Mitch's wife is sharing his comedic journals with GQ Magazine this month. To learn more about Mitch just Google him. Or watch this video:


      This is about a modern-day treasure hunt. There are certain things that everyone loves to read about, monsters from the deep, stories of courage, and lost treasure. These three are pretty universal in their appeal. This treasure isn't lost by any means. It was hidden by an 82-year-old, named Forrest Fenn. Years earlier, Forrest was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few years to live. It was this life-changing ordeal that gave him the idea of leaving a legacy of hidden treasure. He loaded up a chest filled with the treasure that takes a lifetime to amass, hundreds of rare gold coins, rubies, emeralds, carved jade, nuggets of gold and more. Enough to fill a 40lb chest (tipping the scales at roughly 2 million dollars). And then one night, Forrest took his treasure chest into the Santa Fe, New Mexico mountains to hide.

      The location of the treasure can be deciphered through a poem Forrest wrote in his autobiography called "Thrill Of The Chase". The man has lived an incredible life, did a bunch of crazy stuff and lived to write it all down. The buried treasure was supposed to be the closing chapter of his book, with cancer being the final word. Turns out Forrest, like most things in his life, overcame the odds and beat the cancer the first time around but as fate would have it, the cancer is back and Forrest has been given only limited reprieve from death, but the legacy of his treasure will live on...until someone finds it. 

      The Poem:

      As I have gone alone in there
      And with my treasures bold,
      I can keep my secret where,
      And hint of riches new and old.

      Begin it where warm waters halt
      And take it in the canyon down,
      Not far, but too far to walk.
      Put in below the home of Brown.

      From there it's no place for the meek,
      The end is ever drawing nigh;
      There'll be no paddle up your creek,
      Just heavy loads and water high.

      If you've been wise and found the blaze,
      Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
      But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
      Just take the chest and go in peace.

      So why is it that I must go
      And leave my trove for all to seek?
      The answers I already know,
      I've done it tired, and now I'm weak.

      So hear me all and listen good,
      Your effort will be worth the cold.
      If you are brave and in the wood
      I give you title to the gold.


      For some of the big movie releases you see ads for on TV there will be all these great one word reviews like, "Stunning", "Suspenseful" and "Amazing", but when you pause the DVR and look at who has given the movie such glowing reviews they all come from one guy who gave it the only good review. So they get that one guy, to give the movie an incredible review and then they cut up his review to make it look like six good reviews.  But they put his name so small hoping you won't look closer to see that. This is your warning. Don't be fooled by this, or get blinded by the four star reviews, they don't tell you it was out of a possible ten stars.

      We are going to review movies by their trailers, rather than the entire film, because face it, the trailer is always better than the film.

      After Earth

      We have high hopes for this, but the curse of the Shyamalan lingers over this film. Beware. Your best hope is that when you get popcorn they pull it from the machine that just started popping. Sometimes good fresh popcorn can make any movie better.


      Now You See Me

      I think the best review for this movie was Morgan Freeman falling asleep in the middle of a TV interview about it. You too, might be better off getting some sleep than going to see this. Plus Eisenberg? he's the worst. I just want him to play villains so i can cheer for his demise.


      The East

      This is your best bet for the weekend, the trailer looks good, has got a good cast of actors. Don't waste your time with the others go see this.


      There are some movie characters out there whose presence transcends time and space. Sloth, from the movie The Goonies, is one of those characters. You could show a picture of Sloth to someone in their 50's or a 5-year-old and they will know that beautiful Baby Ruth-eating face. The movie was a huge success, and two of the Goonies cast, Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings ) and Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men ) went on to big Hollywood careers. But if it weren't for his untimely death in 1989 from being too awesome (aka, his heart couldn't keep up with his awesomeness) Sloth actor John Matuszak would have out shined them all. 

      They don't give out internet memes to just anyone.You have to really earn that prize with hard work and dedication to your craft, whatever that may be. With that said, I give you "Slothing" or as it's known in the graphic artist circles: "Intro to Photoshop". First, you take a good long hard look at Sloth.

      Have you got it? Have you burned that beautiful visage into your brain? Ok, good. Now find any photo you want and drop it into Photoshop. The last step, you mash that face up really good. I suggest the "liquify tool". Done! You are now part of the cool kids meme of Slothing.


      People tend to think that art is out of their reach, that art is something for wealthy celebrities like Leo DiCaprio, who by the way has one of the most impressive art collections you've ever seen. There are the posh art galleries that are "Invite Only" and by the time the doors open, the shows are entirely sold out. That's great for the artists, but not for everyone else. But there is hope. Almost every town has it's lonely artists striving to make it. But people forget that before artists hit it big, they are just like us, trying to make a living. If you want to see art or own art you are going to have to seek it out and you will be glad you did. The big art collectors only buy art when the artist has made it onto the public's radar, but that can be years in the making. If you make a point to go to small galleries and school art shows, you may discover the next big thing all on your own.


      You may be asking yourself what's the point of this post? Our friend Mike Mitchell is curating an art show and you should go. There will be loads of different artists there, a regular buffet of talent.

      You may not be able to buy an original, but you can probably afford a print. Prints are awesome, they are usually pretty inexpensive, come in standard sizes so you can buy a frame no problem, and then Voila! You now have real art on your wall. People will look at you with all new respect and admiration as a person with fine taste. Do yourself a favor, support the arts where you live or online, bottom line is just get involved. Art is awesome.


      Once every few thousand years comes an invention that changes the world. Changes the world in a way that effects every man, woman, and child. Some would argue that it was the automobile or the computer but those people would be wrong, dead wrong. In fact, some people would call those people idiots. Because we all know that the single most important invention was invented by Dominique Ansel. Did he cure cancer? Find life on Mars? Purify water for 3rd world nations? No, he combined the flaky goodness of a croissant with the heavenly perfection of a donut. May I present you with the Cronut.

      Ansel was recognized in 2013 with the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef. And if all goes according to plan, he will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his Cronut. Because if there is one thing that can bring all humanity together is fried dough and sugar. Did I mention that they are pumped full of cream? No? I didn't did I? They are pumped full of cream, might as well be pumped full of angel tears because this is as close to heaven as some of us may ever get. 

      There is only one place in the entire world to buy a Crount and that is at Dominque's Bakery in New York. They are released every morning and sell out within minutes. For those of you lucky enough to live in New York, you should probably drop out of school, quit your job, abandon your family, postpone that life saving surgery and go wait in line. There can be nothing more important than tasting one of these Cronuts.