Not a day goes by that someone doesn't confuse the amazing and beautiful Richard Simmons with the artist Rich Simmons. The similarities don't just end with the name, it's the attitude, the wardrobe, the talent. If it weren't for the hair they could be identical twins.

To help you figure this out, we will be talking about the Rich Simmons on the left. Rich is a very talented and very social-minded artist, with his Art is the Cure movement that was set up to promote the use of creative therapy and inspire people to find the strength to find a cure in art.

Rich has a gallery show called the Inner Outsider coming up on June 14th at the Intimate Gallery in London. The show runs from the 14th to July 13th, Where you can see amazing pieces like the ones in this video:


You'll be hearing and seeing more from our friend, Rich Simmons, not Richard Simmons, very soon at HMNIM.

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