For some of the big movie releases you see ads for on TV there will be all these great one word reviews like, "Stunning", "Suspenseful" and "Amazing", but when you pause the DVR and look at who has given the movie such glowing reviews they all come from one guy who gave it the only good review. So they get that one guy, to give the movie an incredible review and then they cut up his review to make it look like six good reviews.  But they put his name so small hoping you won't look closer to see that. This is your warning. Don't be fooled by this, or get blinded by the four star reviews, they don't tell you it was out of a possible ten stars.

We are going to review movies by their trailers, rather than the entire film, because face it, the trailer is always better than the film.

After Earth

We have high hopes for this, but the curse of the Shyamalan lingers over this film. Beware. Your best hope is that when you get popcorn they pull it from the machine that just started popping. Sometimes good fresh popcorn can make any movie better.


Now You See Me

I think the best review for this movie was Morgan Freeman falling asleep in the middle of a TV interview about it. You too, might be better off getting some sleep than going to see this. Plus Eisenberg? he's the worst. I just want him to play villains so i can cheer for his demise.


The East

This is your best bet for the weekend, the trailer looks good, has got a good cast of actors. Don't waste your time with the others go see this.

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