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      BLOG — COOL


      Having a donut is like celebrating your birthday on any day you want. A miniature birthday cake all to yourself. Go ahead be greedy, you don't have to share, no cutting slices and passing them around. You get it all to yourself, without the fuss of candles and off tune singing. Some presents would be nice, but sacrifices have to be made if you want to celebrate your birthday two, three times a week. And you can't celebrate with any old donut, thou donuts, like pizza, even when they're bad, they're still pretty good, but when they're really good, it's like eating a bit of heaven. A sort of heaven on earth, if you will. Which brings us to the point of this post. Donut Friend.


      Donut Friend, is the heavenly vision of Mark Trombino. You're probably asking yourself, "Where do I know that name from?". Well, Mark is a record producer, worked with a couple of little bands like Drive Like Jehu, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink-182. So he knows music, but more importantly does he know donuts? And with one look at the menu, it's pretty clear he does.

      Now that you've read the ingredients, you've probably come to the same conclusion that we did. These donuts are practically health bars with all those fresh fruits. Well, now is the time to gas up the car, fill out the vacation card, no show at school, pack up your tent and plan a road trip, because Donut Friend opens next month and you're going to want to get there at least a few days early to claim your spot in line, behind us naturally.

      HI MY NAME IS...

      You are going to meet lots of famous people through our Hi My Name Is series. But we want to put the spotlight on some of you that are just as interesting but relatively unknown. Let's meet Anthony Proetta

      What is your Job Title?

      Locomotive engineer. 


      How long have you been driving the trains?

      Never ask an engineer if he drives a train, it's almost as bad as calling him or her a conductor. We don't drive trains!! We run them, or operate the equipment. It's not an automobile, there is no steering wheel, ha ha! Regardless, I have been an engineer for 5 years. 


      What made you want to be a conductor? 

      Ha ha!! Engineer you mean?? 

      Everyone loves trains. Whether you're a child or an adult, at some point you've admired a train. I have always admired trains. I never imagined I'd ever be lucky enough to run them. I worked my way up, starting as a track worker, building and repairing the rail road tracks, then eventually with a good reputation, I was accepted into the position of "Engineer". Something I've always wanted to do. And I can honestly say, I love my job. 


      Craziest thing that's gone down on your train.

      The craziest things mostly happen on holidays like St. Patty's day, Cinco De Mayo, etc, when there are drinks and drugs being consumed. Htuge crowds of intoxicated people are all taking the trains to go party or parade. Some times the crowds get along and crowd surf each other down the aisles until the police come. Or they don't get along and fight in the aisles until the police come. So, eventually the police are called. It's pandemonium. 

      The best story I have is when a friend of ours, a well-known frequent passenger of our trains, who happens to be a drag queen, was getting harassed by three gang kids. He beat up one of the gang kids while wearing high heels. They never bothered him again. 


      Famous people on your train?

      Yes, all the time. Sometimes it's hard to recognize them. Sometimes not. I see a lot of athletes. Met Mark Messier of the NY Rangers hockey team, friendly guy.  But this is New York, and in New York no one cares about celebrities. 

      I actually moved a train around that was used while they filmed a movie that should be coming out this year called "Blood Ties". It was an interesting experience. The actors involved included Billy Crudup, Zoe Saldana and Clive Owen. No big deal. 


      Weird creatures in the tunnels?

      Rats the size of cats. Roaches the size of mice. And the occasional houseless person looking for a nap. I'm usually willing to share my food with all of them. 


      Any train facts that are cool to know?

      A single train car can hold about a hundred people per car on our trains, that means on an 8 car train the engineer and conductor are responsible for getting about 1,000 people to their destination safely in a single trip!


      Thank you Anthony, for sharing your stories and insight in what it's like to live in your world. Think you have what it takes to be a person of interest on HMNI? Hit us up on our FB page about who you are and what you do. Maybe you can be the next "Hi My Name is" profile. 


      Vannen Watches, Epitaph Records & LB Art Theatre Present First So-Cal Screening of FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL Plus:Filmmaker Intro/Post Q&A
      Sunday, August 25th @ 11AM at The Art Theatre of Long Beach


      Vannen Watches, Epitaph Records, and the Art Theatre [2025 E. 4th, Long Beach] are excited to bring FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL to Southern California for a FREE fan screening on Sunday, August 25th at 11AM at the Art Theatre [2025 E. 4th Street, LBC 90814].


      Long before Green Day and Blink-182 inflicted punk rock's puncture wound on the map of mainstream music, the Descendents were in a garage concocting the perfect mix of pop, angst, love, and coffee. FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL follows band leader/drummer/square-peg Bill Stevenson and his "caffeinated retardedness" as he pushes his rotating door of bandmates to "achieve ALL," his philosophy of going for greatness at all costs. Stevenson is a force to be reckoned with, proving that not even a grapefruit-sized brain tumor can keep him down. Featuring interviews with the band, along with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Mike Watt (Minutemen), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and many more reveal the story of a band – if not THE band – responsible for pop punk as you know it.


      TICKETS: This is will be the FIRST Southern California showing of FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL, unfortunately space and tickets are limited, so we're holding a lottery and picking people at random to attend. Please register by visiting the following link:


      Click on "Register" button and once entered, your name will be added to the lottery list. We'll pick the lucky attendees at random on August 21st, and all winners will be notified immediately by email. If you are not contacted, or not sure that you were contacted, you can go to to see the full list of lottery winners.


      Support your community! The filmmakers encourage you to support our great community resource by making a donation to the Art Theatre of Long Beach (a public corporation for the arts), which generously donates its time and space to worthy arts-oriented organizations and causes. While donations do not guarantee you'll be granted entry to FILMAGE, you'll be a hero by supporting a great institution. Click the PayPal link HERE to contribute to this wonderful neighborhood resource. Or, if you're one of the lucky ones who'll be attending the screening, you can make a donation (in cash or via credit) at the theatre. Thanks for your support and good luck!


      Disclaimer: By registering for this lottery it does not guarantee entrance into the screening; you are only registering to be entered into a lottery to win tickets. Winners will be chosen at random. By entering the lottery your info will also be added to our mailing list. If you do not want to be added to our list, please let us know. No purchase necessary, but lottery entries are limited to one per person. Thanks for entering and good luck!







      Some of our favorite TV shows are in between seasons.  Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Mad Men. They're all gone for now, leaving a giant hole in our TV-viewing hearts.  So we went searching for summer programming, and here are our discoveries.



      Naomi Watts's partner stars as the man in LA who can fix what you need fixed, provided you've got the fame, the money, or the connections.  Kind of a private eye to the stars.  You wake up in a hotel room next to a woman who's died of an overdose?  Ray Donovan is your man.  You're a rising star with a persistent stalker lurking outside your Malibu beach house?   Get me Ray Donovan.  But it's not all TMZ and spurning the advances of starlets.  Ray's family itself suffers a dark past.  Angelina Jolie's dad plays the patriarch of the Donovan family.  Just released from a long stint in prison, his return heralds a dark cloud descending on Ray and his brothers.  It's like if the Wolf from Pulp Fiction were a character on Entourage, transported into an episode of the Sopranos.  Showtime.



      To begin with, this premise is wearing thin.  Fresh out of college, a young woman falls in love with a lesbian drug runner from a large cartel, transports a suitcase full of drug money through the Brussels airport, eventually separates from her lover, finds the man of her dreams, gets engaged, only to have her past catch up to her ten years later, leading to her arrest and incarceration, where she struggles to find her way in prison life, stay connected with her fiance, and keep up her business of creating artisinal hand soaps and lotions.  Typical.  Netflix.



      Luther is a cop with a troubled past, whose heart is in the right place, but sometimes he pushes the edge of the law to get results.  Are there any TV shows where the cop DOESN'T have a troubled past or push the edge of the law to get results? Where's Human Resources at these precincts?! Shouldn't someone vet these investigators before they get their badges?  Season Three finds Luther back doing what he does best: stopping the worst that society has to offer.  With the spectre of Alice Morgan gone (maybe), there's a new woman in Luther's life, and things are looking up.  But there's something hiding in the shadows.  A fellow officer intent on bringing Luther down.  Many of the monsters Luther stopped over the years have ended up dead, and this officer is determined to expose Luther as a cop-gone-mad.  A killer.  He'll use those nearest and dearest to Luther to bring him down.  As always, Idris Elba is incredible.  BBC.


      There are many kinds of artists, those that paint, sculpt, write music and those that tattoo. The difference being that a tattooist really has to create a masterpiece in one try, where the others get a couple of shots at it. A tattooist has to lay ink with total certainty and that level of confidence separates them from any other artist. And for that we put the tattooist in a category all of their own.

      We searched the web for some of the best octopus tattoos we could find. Below are some of the best:




      Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude. That is the tag line for one of the most original tumblr's we've seen in a long time. What is it you ask? Come on, don't play dumb, you've glanced down the page and seen the photos, you know damn well what this is all about it. Ok, fine, we'll explain it for those of you that don't have eyeballs (apologies to those of you that are blind we meant no disrespect to you ). The idea is that they Photoshop out guns and replace them with a good ol' fashioned thumbs up.