Some of our favorite TV shows are in between seasons.  Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Mad Men. They're all gone for now, leaving a giant hole in our TV-viewing hearts.  So we went searching for summer programming, and here are our discoveries.



Naomi Watts's partner stars as the man in LA who can fix what you need fixed, provided you've got the fame, the money, or the connections.  Kind of a private eye to the stars.  You wake up in a hotel room next to a woman who's died of an overdose?  Ray Donovan is your man.  You're a rising star with a persistent stalker lurking outside your Malibu beach house?   Get me Ray Donovan.  But it's not all TMZ and spurning the advances of starlets.  Ray's family itself suffers a dark past.  Angelina Jolie's dad plays the patriarch of the Donovan family.  Just released from a long stint in prison, his return heralds a dark cloud descending on Ray and his brothers.  It's like if the Wolf from Pulp Fiction were a character on Entourage, transported into an episode of the Sopranos.  Showtime.



To begin with, this premise is wearing thin.  Fresh out of college, a young woman falls in love with a lesbian drug runner from a large cartel, transports a suitcase full of drug money through the Brussels airport, eventually separates from her lover, finds the man of her dreams, gets engaged, only to have her past catch up to her ten years later, leading to her arrest and incarceration, where she struggles to find her way in prison life, stay connected with her fiance, and keep up her business of creating artisinal hand soaps and lotions.  Typical.  Netflix.



Luther is a cop with a troubled past, whose heart is in the right place, but sometimes he pushes the edge of the law to get results.  Are there any TV shows where the cop DOESN'T have a troubled past or push the edge of the law to get results? Where's Human Resources at these precincts?! Shouldn't someone vet these investigators before they get their badges?  Season Three finds Luther back doing what he does best: stopping the worst that society has to offer.  With the spectre of Alice Morgan gone (maybe), there's a new woman in Luther's life, and things are looking up.  But there's something hiding in the shadows.  A fellow officer intent on bringing Luther down.  Many of the monsters Luther stopped over the years have ended up dead, and this officer is determined to expose Luther as a cop-gone-mad.  A killer.  He'll use those nearest and dearest to Luther to bring him down.  As always, Idris Elba is incredible.  BBC.



The Newsroom is also very awesome…

Jul 30, 2013

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