Having a donut is like celebrating your birthday on any day you want. A miniature birthday cake all to yourself. Go ahead be greedy, you don't have to share, no cutting slices and passing them around. You get it all to yourself, without the fuss of candles and off tune singing. Some presents would be nice, but sacrifices have to be made if you want to celebrate your birthday two, three times a week. And you can't celebrate with any old donut, thou donuts, like pizza, even when they're bad, they're still pretty good, but when they're really good, it's like eating a bit of heaven. A sort of heaven on earth, if you will. Which brings us to the point of this post. Donut Friend.


Donut Friend, is the heavenly vision of Mark Trombino. You're probably asking yourself, "Where do I know that name from?". Well, Mark is a record producer, worked with a couple of little bands like Drive Like Jehu, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink-182. So he knows music, but more importantly does he know donuts? And with one look at the menu, it's pretty clear he does.

Now that you've read the ingredients, you've probably come to the same conclusion that we did. These donuts are practically health bars with all those fresh fruits. Well, now is the time to gas up the car, fill out the vacation card, no show at school, pack up your tent and plan a road trip, because Donut Friend opens next month and you're going to want to get there at least a few days early to claim your spot in line, behind us naturally.

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