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      PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

      PODCAST - EP 9: The Feldmann Interview

      Continuing with our long tradition of randomly releasing our podcast, we bring you #009, The Feldmann Interview. You'll hear from John all about what it was like working with blink-182 on their forthcoming album, California. John and Mark talk music and more in our best podcast yet. More importantly, and probably why you're listening to this podcast, we talk about donuts. 

       John Feldmann's Kingdom in the deep Valley

      As always James (@jamesisntcool)

      • Goldfinger's Official website HERE

      We could't find the video for the song "Dad", so lets play "99 red balloons"

      Donut Friend Donuts. Mark Trombino's world famous donuts.

      World Premiere of the "Donuts Skronuts" song, and this is a Skronut, which is in no way a Cronut, totally different spelling.

       Zack Cervini - Engineer / sleep deprived

      This is only one, of the many walls inside Foxy studios

      John samples the "bacon-182" signature donut. 

       For more information on how you can taste the best donuts in Los Angeles  click HERE

      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 6: WeeHalvePause

      And we are BACK.....coming to you all the way from jolly olde England. This is our 6th podcast, well, more of a "PAWS-cast" but we do kick it off with talk of the I'M SCARED movie score. James and Mark brag about being big time movie scorers...hear a bit about their hard work on the Billboard exclusive trailer HERE

      And for a more behind-the-scenes look at the making of "I'M SCARED" check out director Pete Levin's blog HERE.

      For the last month, Mark and James have been holed up in the English countryside recording the new PAWS album. To hear how awful it was to work with them on a daily basis we have a whole podcast dedicated to the Glaswegian band PAWS to air their grievances.

      PAWS are Phillip, Josh, and Ryan.

      Phillip jots down some questions about jam for Mark. 

      The infamous "shaker"

      Ryan laying down a track.

      Mark "producing" really hard here.

      All photos by Harrison Reid.


      For all things PAWS go here:

      Twitter: @wehavepaws
      Instagram: @wehavepaws


      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 5: Run fast until you fall down

      Here is a recap of the podcast, or if you don't own a podcast player this is the next best thing.

      Whitmer's standup doing "I miss you"

      The Dougie Poynter interview-
      At the Met Gala:


      Hate your guts - mcbusted + mark

      Doug's Children's book - The Dinosaur that pooped a planet.

      Paws - Owls Talons Clenching My Heart

      Hop along - new album art

      Colleen Green's Cover of blink182's m&ms

      Mark dj's at the all time low concert

      Neck Deep - Can't kick up the roots


      HMNIM PODCAST - episode 3: Happy New Year?

      Welcome to Episode 3 of the Hi MY NAME IS MARK podcast, formally titled Happy New Year?


      It's the first podcast of the new year. We talk about the lack of Christmas gifts, Game of Thrones, and we catch up with Alex and Jack from All Time Low and even get to listen to the new single from their forthcoming album Future Hearts - "Something's Gotta Give". We also talk with music photo maven Megan Thompson, who tells us about the photo industry and what it takes to make it as a photographer in Los Angeles. 

      Mark's Eagles Mug

      And here is Megan Thompson, with some of her friends

      Alex -- All Time Low

      Jack -- All Time Low

      Mark as Robert Smith, thanks to Megan's fine makeup work...


      More of our very own Mark Hoppus, shot by Megan Thompson

      http://www.neckdeepuk.com/ (Fil is the one in shorts.)

      Andy from http://astronautalis.com/

       Mark's gardening hat

      Some of Megan's favorite photos:

      Hayley Williams -- Paramore

      Anti-flag  ( http://www.anti-flag.com/ )