Welcome to Episode 3 of the Hi MY NAME IS MARK podcast, formally titled Happy New Year?


It's the first podcast of the new year. We talk about the lack of Christmas gifts, Game of Thrones, and we catch up with Alex and Jack from All Time Low and even get to listen to the new single from their forthcoming album Future Hearts - "Something's Gotta Give". We also talk with music photo maven Megan Thompson, who tells us about the photo industry and what it takes to make it as a photographer in Los Angeles. 

Mark's Eagles Mug

And here is Megan Thompson, with some of her friends

Alex -- All Time Low

Jack -- All Time Low

Mark as Robert Smith, thanks to Megan's fine makeup work...


More of our very own Mark Hoppus, shot by Megan Thompson

http://www.neckdeepuk.com/ (Fil is the one in shorts.)

Andy from http://astronautalis.com/

 Mark's gardening hat

Some of Megan's favorite photos:

Hayley Williams -- Paramore

Anti-flag  ( http://www.anti-flag.com/ )




Stoked the podcasts are back. Please keep them coming ? Good luck with the ‘art’ situation!!

Mar 05, 2015

Drew Michel:

Love the podcast! Keep em’ coming!

Feb 04, 2015


Holly shit! Ep#3 is great, and really hope there are many more.

Jan 31, 2015

Amanda Jones:

Recognized Megan Thompson’s professional selfie with Driver Friendly! Seen them three times! Recommend their Peaks + Valleys EP. Go give it a listen!

Jan 30, 2015


Loving the Robert Smith look,Mark! You should use it as your Twitter avi hahaha

Jan 14, 2015

Shawnis Maximus:

Mark! Please update us on what’s up with Blink on the next podcast.

I need some new music man! Go kidnap Tom from whatever weird alien conspiracy futuristic space opera he’s involved in and smack a guitar into his hands.

Jan 13, 2015

Matt Kirby:

Mark you need to watch Parks and Rec!!!!!

Jan 13, 2015

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