There's not much we can say about Filmage that we haven't already said a million times before. It is an amazing film that should be required watching for everyone wanting to start a band or make a film. You could hate the Descendents, hate music, hate documentaries, and you will walk away loving all three. We loved it so much we went all the way to London to give our support to the Filmage guys. 

Grab some popcorn the movie has started.

The UK edition of the Descendents X HMNIM tee.

The Q&A with the Filmage guys and Mark.

How cool is this screening room? Dozens of couches and chairs.

Mark and a Descendents fan. 

None of this would be possible without, Mark, Filmage Crew, and Everything Sucks Music.



Where can we get that long sleeve tee Mark is wearing??

Nov 24, 2013

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