We have a handful of cool projects to release in the coming weeks, so come along with us now through time and space as we give you a sneak peak at the upcoming releases coming soon. For those of you keeping count, that's four uses of the word "come/coming" in one sentence. Is that some sort of world record? Probably, that's probably, most definitely, might be some sort of world record.



This is going to be the first NEW collab that we will be releasing soon. We've teamed up with cardistry masters Dan and Dave Buck, living legends in the world of card magic. Yes, we are about to delve into the world of magic, pick a card any card, well not any card, pick one of ours. T-shirts and more to add to this fine collection.


Thermos Brand

Thermos got their start back in 1904, but has really struggled over the last 110 years until we started talking to them about a collaboration. Oh sure, they've sold millions of their Thermoss? Thermoses? Thermosis? What is the plural of Thermos's?...but the real deal Thermos will be the HMNIM x Thermos collab.


Vannen Watches

A few of you saw this next one coming. We teamed up with Vannen for the Filmage documentary of Descendents/ALL. They're good folks, and we like to work with good people. So, yes a watch is in the works with our fine friends at Vannen. 


Junji Kondo:

I must have this cool Thermos x HMNIM bottle. Please send me the notification.

Jan 10, 2014


Any idea on a release date.
Can’t wait!!!!

Dec 10, 2013


So many amazing ideas will defo be putting a big order in :)

Dec 08, 2013

sergey blinkUkraine community:

Mark, go to Russia and Ukraine pls

Dec 06, 2013

Robin Gonzalez:

Mark! I would love to hear the music you do with the OP-1, any chance you can upload them to your blog?

Dec 06, 2013


when can we order the swick watches?

Dec 05, 2013


Intense ideas. Looking forward to them all

Dec 04, 2013

Matt Kirby:

So awesome! Can’t wait for these to drop.

Dec 04, 2013

Hunter Jones:

So many awesome ideas, can’t wait for that thermos!

Dec 03, 2013

Hi My Name Is Matt:

I can’t wait to buy them all.

Dec 03, 2013

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