We wanted to do something nice for everyone in the HMNIM family. So we thought, flowers? No, that's stupid. Can you imagine? Ordering a package and getting some wilted, dying flowers in your package. So, we went back to the drawing board. Cash? We could put some money in everyone's order, but that's really not that thoughtful. That's something your aunt and uncle get you because they don't really know you well enough to get you a good present. Now, we think we know you pretty well, so you can forget about getting a cash present from us. What is the one thing that almost everyone loves? Chocolate. And if you don't like chocolate, you can regift it to someone else and they might like it, and most likely like you more than before for giving them the gift of chocolate.

When can you expect this gift? Maybe just in time for Valentine's Day? Stay tuned, and be sure to have some cold milk ready.


Darryl Siruno:

I don’t know if I wanted to eat them when they arrived in the mail awhile ago but they’re too good I had to eat them. Thanks hmnim

Feb 25, 2014


this is genius can’t wait to get some

Feb 14, 2014


Pretty awesome, this is great!

Jan 25, 2014

Matt Kirby:

So kind HMNIM looking forward for the new t-shirts to drop!

Jan 24, 2014

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