Last week we decided to have a little fun with our newly released collection of playing cards with D&D. Naturally, everyone at some point in their lives has been bored enough to build a house of cards. If you could get your cards to stand strong long enough to three stories tall you pretty much ruled.

Two stories, though essentially meek by most standards, might still have taken you an hour without cheating, so you deserve some praise.  After announcing the contest, we waited with baited breath to see all the entries come flowing in. This was one of those contests that had a pretty level playing field for anyone to enter. We couldn't have been more wrong.  Meet the second person who entered the HMNIM contest and world class card stacker Scott Dyer.

Scott has been stacking for as long as he can remember. Not everyone can make that statement. They still do the things they love from childhood today, with the same enjoyment and passion. On Scott's website, he talks about the trials and tribulations that come with a lifetime of "stack'n" (as they refer to it on the streets), how he'd come close to stopping and what would pull him back in, like heroin. Or maybe nothing at all like heroin, but get what we're saying...

Where does one go with such a skill like Scott's? You go for the world record. The record is currently held by Scott's nemesis, Bryan Berg, who in 1992 built the tallest card tower of 75 stories or for those of you who can't do "card math" that's 25' 9.438". Scott hopes to obliterate that meager accomplishment with a 40+ foot behemoth. Good luck to you Scott, maybe try and use one of our playing cards in your tower so we can be a small part of your dream.


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