The podcast is back and this one is definitely well worth the wait. And with that, blink is also back with a series of shows this week in Southern California. More on that below...


This podcast will surely entertain you. Let's start off with a mention about a super cool and important collaboration we did with Craola to help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. You learned all about it in our last post and you can see more here...

And now, we welcome Matt Skiba...Who the hell is Matt Skiba? 

Matt's guitar




So pretty we are showing it twice

And what the hell is a Kemper?, well this is a Kemper


 To hear, learn, see more of Matt Skiba and the Sekrets click HERE


Amanda Rosenblatt:

Hi there, to Mark or whoever sees this. I have been a Blink182 fan for 15 years and finally got to meet him at the SOMA show a few weeks ago. I caught the moment on video and thanked him for “Adam’s Song” saving my life. I decided to take old footage and photos of myself, plus some fan interviews, and made a little documentary of it. If you could extend it to Mark, that’d be amazing.

Apr 12, 2015


What do you do when your two favorite bands start playing together? My mind grapes are exploding…. please come to Chicago!!!

Mar 24, 2015

Bryan Martinez:

Hey Mark (or moderator of the Mark Hoppus fan club who happens to know Mark),

Just wanted to drop you a note. Glad the podcast is back! I was a faithful listener for a long time and its awesome that you’re doing them again. Also, I am looking forward to the Musink show and can’t wait to see you guys. Keep the band going! All the best, Mark.


Mar 20, 2015

Puddle Jones:

Why am I only hearing about the new Matt Skiba and the Sekrets track now?!? Upon first (and only) listen I’m not super into it, nevertheless über-anxious for May!!

Mar 19, 2015

Gary Curtis:

I am in love with Matt’s track. So gorgeous. That chorus is a joy.

Mar 19, 2015

Jason Hernandez:

Awesome! I would of loved to be at the Roxy show but the tickets sold out so fast! But hopefully i can see some videos of this show!

Mar 18, 2015


Don’t know if Mark reads through these comments (or his associates…) but listening to podcast no.4 via AlternativePress and came here to perhaps suggest making the Kemper profiles they are going to be using for tour available, that would be a pretty cool move…!

Mar 18, 2015

Rick Riffs:

Coming down from Montreal, Qc to see you guys! So stoked. Mark, Matt and Travis is a dream come true to me. Cheers!

Mar 18, 2015


I hope there are videos of Matt playing in Blink. Alkaline Trio and Blink were both in my top 5 bands growing up so it’s almost like the beginnings of a supergroup.

And those Fenders are so pretty!!!

Good to hear more MS&TS coming soon too, Shewolf sounds awesome.

Mar 18, 2015

Joseph Vanlon:

Can’t wait to see blink-182 play at Musink! Skiba’s going to be great! I wish I could have scored tickets to the Roxy…

Mar 17, 2015

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