We spent the morning at the Dinosaur Coffee shop in Silver Lake with cartoonist Sina Grace. Now before we jump into all things Sina, let's give a shout out to Dinosaur Coffee who were gracious enough to let us take up a couple seats, for more than a couple hours. A beautifully designed store, not as many dinosaurs as we would have thought. Truth be told was expecting something out of Land of the Lost with a name like Dinosaur Coffee but the coffee was not disappointing so they are forgiven. A couple cups of coffee and a cinnamon bun and we were chatting like a couple of old hens.

Now we could give you the whole back story on Sina, where he grew up, how he got his start, his artistic influences, but that can be found in any one of his interviews. (Check out Daniel Barron's interview) And honestly is any of that info going to make you go buy his new book? no, why would it? What is going to convince you is seeing some of his work. 

A metaphor for relationships:


Sina drawing in a coffee shop is a common occurrence 

For all of you that are emo fans, there is his work on  Lil' Depressed Boy

A personal favorite if you've ever worked retail is, Not My Bag. To crudely sum up this book would be to say an artist who is forced to take a job he doesn't really want in order to pay the bills, and who can't relate to that. 

And Sina's latest release Self Obsessed published by Image Comics. A collection of personal stories, ideas, musings, thoughts, you get the idea. 



3 Facts about Sina that he wished you knew about him:


1- for a time, I told my friends in high school that my name was short for Sinatra, and that I was so embarrassed by it I decided to go by Sina. Two years into college, an old classmate still thought the joke was true. 
2- I build my outfits off of pictures I see of Sarah Jessica Parker walking on the street.
3- while I don't give a fig what kind of paper I use to draw, I still to this day use the same brand of pens I did from when I was getting started in high school: micron and pentel brush pens. 

You can find more of Sina's talent in a story in November's Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures comic. Is there anything this guy can't do? 



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