When did we stop making movies about dinosaurs coming back to life? That used to pass for a scary movie. Dinosaurs coming at you used to be the most frightening thing you could think of. Even the little dinosaurs would mess you up. You couldn't trust any of them. Well, supposedly you could trust the herbivore ones but who could be sure? What you can be sure of is if you have a movie with fast-moving zombies, not just fast, but 2016 Rio Olympic runner fast, that you are going want those simpler times when all you had to worry about was the occasional T-Rex.


We could write a bunch of Lord of the Rings jokes about Frodo going crazy but that's pretty weak. We respect our readers too much to sink to that level. We could make some Willard jokes? No? Ok, have it your way. Maniac is a remake of an 80's horror movie of the same name. Word on the street, is that the original is still better and the best parts of this movie are right here in the trailer.



This is going to be predictable for the most part, it will be silly, it will be stupid, it will be sort of funny, but what do you expect from a movie that has to appeal to little kids and adults? There will be something in it for everyone. The only hope you had to have your mind blown is if you found out that Quentin Tarantino directed this Pixar film, and sadly, he did not. But what if? How crazy would that have been. Let's all just sit back and imagine what a Pixar X Tarantino film would be.

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