The buddy cop film genre has seen it all, with every type of pairing, but this women/women is a first for the big screen. Everyone always sites Bridesmaids as the first all female cast comedy mega hit that appealed to men that may have cleared the way for others. The Heat looks like it could be funny, maybe not Anchorman funny, the standard on which all comedies will be compared to. Early reviews have been favorable, and with it's only real competition for the weekend box office being White House Down, we expect this might be a hit.



These type of movies are usually brainless fun, no real surprises, no Sixth Sense twist. The best you can hope for is 90 minutes of brainless explosions and shootouts. Critics always come down hard on these films like they are genuinely surprised that it's not of Oscar caliber, get over it. You know damn well from just the movie poster what you are getting into, ignorant fun, check your brain at the door and just enjoy it for what it is.



You don't hear much about Australian Cinema, but every once in a while a film makes it way across the ocean onto our shores and eyes. A 100 Bloody Acres is such a film. It's come all this way, let's all be nice to our friends down under and give this comedy / horror film a view. What would be the hybrid of such a film? A Horedy? a Corrmdy? We'll have to work on that.

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