Did anyone see the movie "The Conjuring" this weekend? It was scary. Well, not knock your socks off scary, but a very solid frightening ghost story. But there was one thing about the movie that was really just over the top, total Hollywood cliché, and that was the demon doll, Annabelle. For those of you that haven't seen the movie, you can keep reading, no spoilers here, just a rant over a child's doll. 

There is no way, no how, no one, that's going to own a doll that looks like that doesn't know that Satan himself didn't own the doll first. That's what the doll looked like from the start, pre-demon in the movie. It didn't evolve into that hellish object, we are led to believe that that's what it looked like out of the box, right off the toy store shelf. Are you going to tell us that some cute girl is going to pack up her belongings, as she heads off to nursing school, she takes one look around her room and thinks to herself, "Oh, probably a good idea to bring this abomination of all that is holy, conceived in the very depths of a million childrens' nightmares with me". Just look at that thing! 

The fact that filmmakers thought this doll was believable is a real slap in the face of the fine people paying good money to see this movie. You could hear the groans from the audience when they showed it for the first time. No one for a second believed that someone would actually own that doll. Now, this was a movie based on fact, more or less. So, of course when the movie was over, the laptop came out to see what the real Annabelle doll looked like.

Sometimes it's better to leave things alone. The Demonic Annabelle Doll in real life was a Raggedy Ann doll. What we are trying to get at is that sometimes the real thing can't be improved upon. To read all about the real Annabelle click here or watch the video.


Hunter jones:

I would love to see this movie, perfect date might flick…I think?

Jul 29, 2013

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