Do you like photos of orcas turning into ducks with octopus arms morphing into celestial planets in space?  Well, you probably would, but unfortunately they doesn't exist in our universe. Lucky for us, they DO exist in the mind of Greg "Craola" Simkins.  He paints in an amazing combination of graffiti and photorealistic surrealism that will take your fragile grasp on the real world and smash it into a billion pieces. (Originally my computer autocorrected that last sentence to "...smash it into a billion pies," which is just awesome.  Maybe even better.) Anyway, Craola is turning his ideas into a stop-motion film, and you can be part of it.  The title is "I'm Scared," and here's the synopsis: Big Brother shares with Little Brother all the frightening things that inhabit the world at night as they try to go to sleep. Small concerns grow into spooky spectres as Big Brother's imagination takes over and their bedroom becomes a playground for monstrous creatures of all types. So yeah, basically it looks to be a great project. And like I said before, you can be part of it.  There's a kickstarter link you can click on right here


Here's a video of Craola in his studio, painting one of the very characters in the film.  Art is cool.


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