This is Pride Month. And we hope you'll agree to recognize it. For those of you that don't understand why "they" get a month to themselves, well, you're missing the point entirely. You really don't want to get your own month (this is for those of you already thinking there should be a "straight" month.) To get your own month means that the prevailing history of your "people", for lack of a better word, has been nothing but hardships, struggles and persecution. Now think to yourself, does that sound like something you have endured? Did you wake up this morning scared that your family might turn their back on you if they found out you were straight? Or that you could be beat up or killed if someone maybe just thought you might be straight? No you didn't, because you've never experienced what LGBT people have gone through and continue to deal with. 

So this is their month, their time to talk. It's not about celebrations and parties (ok, maybe a little bit). This is their moment to stand up, and help the masses understand and think about what other people's lives are like.

Maybe sometime soon they won't have Pride Month, because it will no longer be an issue. Someone being gay won't be news and we can get together as a nation and focus on real problems like...Gingers.

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