This trailer looks AWESOME. Superheroes should be total badasses. Why has it taken movie studios so long to understand this? Look at the Nolan Batman franchise, total badass. Now look at the last 4 Spiderman movies, complete weak sauce. Anyone could walk up to Spiderman and slap him across the face and feel like they could get away with it. No one is trying that shit with Batman. And from the look of the trailer, we may finally get the badass Superman we've been waiting for.


This looks funny in the same way a Saturday Night Live skit looks funny at the start, but then 30 seconds into the skit you've lost interest and it drags on for another 3 minutes. But, the reviews on this movie have been overwhelmingly good, so maybe they've kept the best stuff for the movie and not blown all the funny on the trailers. 



Did this really deserve to be made into a movie? Talk about your First World problems. A bunch of middle, no scratch that, upper class kids get caught stealing from even richer kids. Does that even remotely sound like something you'd want to spend $15 on watching? Didn't think so. Maybe it's good, but we'll never know because we'll be watching Superman kick some ass this weekend. Because that's what movies are supposed to be, a 2-hour escape from reality to somewhere fun, not an overblown news story from TMZ.

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